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17 Mar 2015
We have recently appointed two new Consultants to our Midlands division and as the first week conversations go we were discussing when their birthdays are. Both turned out to be in May which prompted an excitement of 'yes' and some 'not another one's' as we already have four members of the team with birthdays in May - which means six birthday presents in a matter of weeks of each other!

Of the six 'May babies' there are four Taurus and two Gemini - as someone who has always shown an interest in the Zodiac signs I found this quite interesting. Does that mean that we're more appropriate for a role in the Recruitment world? Do we offer up a certain personality type that means the Sales environment suits us best?

I found myself contemplating whether there is any actual truth in the supposed personality traits of each Zodiac sign or is it just a coincidence, and therefore the relationships between each sign - who works well with who?

Over the years I have always found on a personal level that a lot of the people I've surrounded myself with have been Taurus, Gemini and Leo - all purely by coincidence - does this mean that personally I get on better with these signs because of their supposed personality traits or has it just been that individually those people have been 'my kind of people'.

As a Taurus, I'm always told that my traits are stubbornness, loyalty and unfortunately, grumpy, which is hopefully made up for by the fact we're supposedly hardworking and committed as well. I would agree that I am definitely all of these things and if this is true then it's not so bad having a 'Taurus heavy team', and that would answer a lot as to why there are so many of us in the team as this industry requires a lot of dedication and hard work.

Have you ever thought about your team and what it's made up of - is there a certain type of personality who makes a good team member? Or maybe you're looking for a change because the personalities/ethos are not right for you? If you are, contact me now on 01332 542580 to discuss how you can make your next career change.

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