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10 Jul 2014

Since 2004 the market surrounding permanent recruitment has changed considerably. The numbers of candidates applying for positions outweighs the number of employment opportunities available, therefore employers and recruitment staff have to work harder to make the roles more attractive to the right audience.

It's only by 'selling' the benefits of their company and possibility of progression in a permanent role that businesses can be successful in an increasingly candidate led market.

Today recruiters can source candidates through LinkedIn, company websites and job boards such as Reed, Indeed, CV Library and Monster. Finding new and innovative ways to build candidate databases are readily available for recruiters, simply at the click of a button.

However, this is the same for candidates searching out their next role.

Finding the right talent begins with the right advert for a job. Companies need to stand out in today's market in order to attract the right calibre of candidates to their positions. With so many great finance professionals out there, hiring managers need to appeal to their target audience and attract job seekers in the right way for their business aims - usually with just an advert!

Dressing up your advert was suggested in a recent article by Niki Chesworth, 'Talent War Mirrors Housing Market in Business Recruitment,' to be like like putting your house on the market. A good analogy when attracting individuals starts with the first impression you give, which more often than not, is the job advert posted online.

This is why agencies and employers are working more and more closely; spending time focused on advertising that could be spent elsewhere can leave businesses feeling the pressure, whereas recruiters can dedicate their time to the role in hand.

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