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Quiet Summer

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09 Sep 2014
There is perception in our industry that the summer goes quiet, I often hear people say this is because decision makers are on holiday and no one is recruiting. Of course there is an element of truth to this, however the Liverpool offices figures prove that this is in fact not the case.

We have had a really a successful summer with a record number of roles being called in from clients and a more candidates than ever starting in new roles.

I have been considering why this might be. If as a business one of your team is on maternity leave or long term sickness the summer may leave you short staffed, as your teams start to disappear for a week in the sun, or it might be a period to undertake additional projects, such as a new system implementation. If a business is bringing in a new permanent recruit, starting over the summer can be a great time as it allows space for any training and getting new employees up to speed for busier work periods.

We have also seen over the last few years, a greater priority on work-life balance and seeing employees spread their holidays throughout the year meaning that there is not such an emphasis on the "traditional” summer holiday.

As a recruiter, I also think that it is partly down to the experience and more importantly the attitude of the consultant that you are working with. If I chose to believe that of my clients were on annual leave and stopped making them aware of good talent in the market - they may get the impression that I am on holiday!!!

A good recruiter will know their clients and will use the summer as a time to really strengthen existing relationships. Our role is all about productivity and delivering exceptional talent at the same pace all year round. A good consultant will always keep on top of their clients and candidate's holiday dates to ensure that the interview processes runs smoothly.
Hopefully our busy summer is a sign of things to come for the rest of 2014.
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