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10 Jul 2015
This week marks a unique milestone for myself which has caused some nostalgia and thoughts about the future.
In May 2014 I turned 30 and within a week or two of that happening, I started suffering with severe back pain which went on for weeks - I went to the doctors and my GP  suggested pain killers and a MRI scan to check there was nothing serious going on. In the midst of this I developed some shortness of breath, which by this time was during the summer, which I put down to my hay fever - the doctor gave me an inhaler and sent me for a chest x-ray to be on the safe side.

The back pain after a few weeks improved but the shortness of breath continued to get worse, and was now coupled with some chest pain. I went back to the Doctors who advised the inhaler was having an improvement and eventually the symptoms would dissipate which satisfied me that there was nothing seriously wrong. By this point I was starting to struggle with walking for longer than 30 seconds without being out of breath and wanting to pass out and the chest pain was becoming unbearable. On the Thursday night I had got to the point where I was grey in colour and my heart was beating so fast I felt like I'd run a marathon.

I went back to the doctors the following day who was concerned and put me on an ECG straight away - he decided that the best course of action was to send me to the assessment unit at the hospital. I spent a number of hours there; having my blood taken, x-rays done and consultations/check-ups relating to my symptoms. At about 10 o'clock that night the consultant told me that they were needing to keep me in overnight until I could have a CT scan the next day - I was so shocked! The next day I had my CT scan where it was confirmed that I had multiple blood clots on my lungs! I spent nearly 2 weeks in hospital and was put on blood thinners and injections to stop me clotting again and to encourage the clots I had to dissolve.

The next 12 months brought about a change in lifestyle from not drinking alcohol and making sure that certain foods weren't eaten as they interacted with the medication to not getting paranoid about every single pain or symptom being another clot. The main thing for me was the change in attitude and outlook on life that this had - I looked on everything with fresh eyes and threw myself into thinking about my future and bettering myself. Almost a year to the day I find myself thinking about what I can do to raise awareness and indeed funds for the relative charity for what I went through. I'm currently contemplating putting myself out of my comfort zone and doing a fitness related activity such as a run!

All in all, I am of the opinion that getting ill was the best thing that happened to me as it changed a lot in my life for the better. I'm still on the medication and awaiting my hospital appointment to hopefully be taken off it and end that chapter in my life.

If you have any suggestions about things I could do to raise awareness and/or money for the relevant cause then please get in touch on 01332 542580.

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