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Recruitment Agency vs In-House Recruitment: My View

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15 Apr 2014

I joined Sellick Partnership in September 2013 after four years working within the internal recruitment teams for a number of prestigious law firms in Leeds. I decided to make the move for a variety of reasons, mainly to challenge myself to develop my recruitment skills servicing a wider variety of clients - not just the one.

The transition from an in-house recruitment team to an external agency hasn't been easy, it's taken hard work and dedication, but it's a move I feel passionately about.

To the outside world, recruitment agencies are seen to be the middlemen simply sending a candidate's CV to the hiring manager of an organisation. What could we possibly do to earn that commission? It's easy surely?

Like many preconceptions it is far from the reality of what a days work encompasses.

Market knowledge
Recruitment consultants like us at Sellick Partnership are market and sector specialists - we are able to offer advice to both clients and candidates regarding our specific fields. For example; with the recent increase in demand in residential conveyancers, I am able to advise my clients regarding the availability of such candidates, and what remuneration packages they would need to offer to secure the quality candidates that are currently few and far between, thus saving time and money in the negotiation process and getting that person in place a lot quicker.

Sourcing talent
Candidates don't simply come to us. It takes experience, knowledge and expertise to source the high caliber individuals that our clients demand. Recruitment companies are at an advantage as they know the market and we know which sources to invest in to secure the best talent for our clients. We are constantly networking with clients and potential job-seekers, and we are the first point of call when someone is looking to develop their career.

Network of 20,000
We also have a database of 20,000 active job-seekers. We enjoy regular contact with these candidates through regular update calls and meetings, and also attending, hosting and contributing to events within the legal sectors throughout the year which also enables us to build relationships with passive candidates that perhaps are not active in the market place - an internal recruitment team would not have the budget or resources available to target as wide of an audience.

Arranging interviews
It may sound simple, but arranging interviews can take time, and preparation for the candidate is key. Many candidates only interview a select number of times throughout their career and we are able to guide them in what to expect, coach them on interview technique and generally calm their nerves meaning hiring managers are able to see the full potential of a candidate in the first interview.

Managing other applications, offers and counter offers
Candidates do not necessarily apply for one job at a time. Usually a candidate will have multiple interviews and many receive multiple offers. Managing expectations with both the candidate and client from the outset ensure that the candidate receives an offer they are happy with first time, and will accept without negotiation.

Counter offers are becoming ever more common as the market becomes more buoyant and we can address this at the outset with the candidate, getting them to think about whether they can address their issues with their current employer upfront, especially if their reason for moving is financial, thus saving a lot of time and potentially wasted effort. The reality however is that the positive effects of a payrise last under a month, and 86% of candidates who accept a counter offer will be back on the market within 12 months.

As you can see from the above, my role at Sellick Partnership is far from just being a middle man CV-sender. My role is multifaceted, challenging but above all rewarding -  I endeavor to provide a streamlined process for clients and candidates alike.

If your business is currently going through the recruitment process, contact me on 0113 2439775 or e-mail for a conversation regarding your hiring needs.

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