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Recruitment and Diversity

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27 Jan 2014

Earlier this month, a new 'eruv' or Jewish enclosed area for the Sabbath was created within Manchester, covering a perimeter of over 13 miles - this is the UK's largest symbolic boundary allowing individuals to carry items or push buggies and wheelchairs, amongst other items, on the Sabbath - and a great testament to the fact every group is able to co-exist within our city.

For Mancunians, our 'diverse' population - whether split according to nationality, religion or even football allegiance - has always been a source of pride for hundreds of years and creates our vibrant atmosphere, drawing students and workers from across the globe.

Diversity for the corporate world has been top of the agenda for some time - whether this is hiring someone from an under-represented background, or balancing out the gender split.

However, true diversity for a business doesn't just mean different characteristics, nationalities or genders. In the workplace, diversity of thought is just as important, whatever the characteristics or background  of your employees. Different perspectives, opinions and attitudes and the breadth of thought these inspire is what helps a business thrive, and provide the edge necessary to rise above the competition.

Perhaps you have a creative spark lodged amongst ranks of analysts, or perhaps you have someone who always approaches a situation in a different way entirely; different ways of thinking can help a business adapt quicker, work smarter and add more value for their customers.

Too many businesses hire 'clones', creating the problem of 'groupthink' within an organisation - as seen so disastrously with the banking crisis - the norm is never challenged and nothing ever changes.

Innovation relies upon someone thinking differently to everyone else. In the ever-changing global market, this becomes more important than ever as traditional ways of doing business provide less and less return.

Accordingly, recruitment and selection become ever more complex as businesses seek 'fit' as well as 'difference' - but taking up the challenge will almost certainly pay dividends and help create stability.

Do you think diversity still needs to be at the top of the corporate conscience, or are there other workplace issues that need addressing more urgently? Leave your thoughts and experiences below.

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