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Relax – it’s only networking!

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01 May 2015
People often say it's 'who you know, not what you know' and in many cases this is justified. Networking is key in recruitment; we meet with clients to assist them in their recruitment needs and often meet with candidates to support their job search. It's key to our success, but it works both ways.

Dependent on your line of work it may come completely natural to you and if it does then count yourself lucky. To many the idea of networking is a daunting prospect in which they would rather take a back seat in.

I've compiled a few quick tips together on you can improve your networking skills.

1. Utilise your existing connections. Get in touch with old friends, relatives and people you went to school with or worked with - you'd be surprised how many doors this alone can open for you.

2. Know who you want to talk to.
If you are looking to further your career or start a new one, then be selective. Introduce yourself to relevant contacts; make a phone call or arrange a meeting. Push yourself to meet face to face.

3. Prepare your pitch. Prepare a brief pitch that sums up the "professional you" and can be delivered quickly. A quick introduction you can build around given any situation is always useful.  

4. Start with small talk. It's an opportunity for you to get a feel for the other person, and for them to get a feel for you. This is all about listening to your contact and engaging with them honestly. Don't forget to smile and be confident in your abilities.

5. Ask more meaningful questions. Saying something that really causes your contact to pause and think about you is a great way to distinguish yourself from others and they will remember you for it  in the future.  

6. Think about "how can I help this person?” If you genuinely try to help others out, they'll want to do the same for you. Then the motivation for mutual assistance will come from a genuinely honest place.

7. Ask to continue the conversation. Assuming all has gone well so far, ask for their business card and assure them you would like to continue the conversation soon.

8. Follow up. Maintain your network, keep in touch and updated. Keep topics relevant.

9. Don't forget to use the internet to network - Research the contacts you wish to speak with. Linked in has made it simple to connect with, and research, relevant professionals. It's a great base to learn more about companies and follow groups of interest, showing your knowledge about different careers and career opportunities.

Are you looking for more networking opportunities to further your career? Why not contact me for a confidential chat on 0161 834 2223

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