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Representing and Representation

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02 Jul 2014

In an expanding market, we as a business are speaking with more and more candidates who have had communication from multiple agencies about the same roles.

Agencies are contacted more by clients to support their recruitment needs, and with the likes of PSLs and frameworks in place, these clients are often approaching more than one agency with their requirement. From a recruiters perspective this is great news because there is more opportunity to support clients with finding their perfect candidate - however, it can create some representation issues.

We are finding ourselves in an increasing number of situations where we have put candidates forwards for roles and then at some point been told that they have already been considered.

There appears to be a couple of reasons for this; either another agency have already sent their CV for the role, without speaking to them first, or they have discussed the role but haven't been specific about who the organisation is or which department the role is in.

Personally, there are a few ways that I have been trying to overcome this issue:

  • Explaining to candidates that we will communicate with them fully with regards to opportunities before sending their CV for a role
  • Discussing the importance of quantifying any information provided by agencies about vacancies they are discussing with the person in question
  • Encouraging individuals to register with a couple of agencies to avoid saturating their details in an already candidate lead market
  • Asking candidates to be honest about the jobs they have been approached for by other agencies or who they are in contact with.

All in all, maintaining a good working relationship with your recruitment consultant is the best way to ensure an efficient job search and ultimately secure that perfect role.

If you're currently looking for a career move and would like a confidential discussion regarding your next step, ring 01332 542580 or e-mail - I look forward to hearing from you.

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