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Seeing Your Goal - A Scientific Approach

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02 Sep 2014

We all know that successful people see their dream way before they reach it. We all know that achievers are those who can look beyond any limits - but very few know why.

Why does visualizing what you want and believing that you will get it work?

Sometimes people find it hard to see something that they have not yet reached. It is far easier to visualize something that has already happened. Close your eyes for a couple of minutes and think of a memory; try to use all your senses. Now open your eyes. Did you notice any sounds or smells? How clear was the picture? Whatever the extent of the detail, you will have just visited a memory...

Where did the image you saw come from?

Scientists are now able to look inside a brain using such instruments as a nuclear magnetic scan. They have never found pictures in the brain so even though our thoughts actualise in the mind, they are certainly not stored there. With today's technology, Quantum Physicists have been able to find out exactly what happens with each idea you have.

To form a thought, evoke a memory or visualise a goal, we need to start with an intention. Once that intention is released into the optical vortex of your mind, a cluster of photons (the smallest unit of light) is created. These photons arrange themselves in such a way that they produce an electron (a magnetic field), which generates a frequency based trail of information. The photons have now become a frequency coded cluster of energy (similar to a radio broadcast). 

This wave, with a fixed amplitude but variable frequency, rushes down a channel in your neuro network alongside a squirt of chemicals called neuropeptides. You now have the image in your mind!

So, out of nothing, you thought a thought and you created a thing. You transformed Quantum Reality into Physical Reality.

But where was the thought before the intention? To answer this, we need to understand the three scientifically proven levels of reality.

Material/Physical Reality

This is the reality that we experience through our five senses. Objects have firm boundaries, events are definite, matter dominates energy and it is three dimensional. Time flows in a straight line - we have a past, a present and a future, and everything is subject to change. Since we know the natural laws such as the law of gravity, this reality is entirely predictable. In this reality, cause and effect are fixed.

In other words, we know what will happen from a series of events.

Quantum Reality

This is where energy exists. Events are uncertain, probability is fluid, there is no cause and effect, death and birth happen at the speed of light, and waves and particles are the same. This is where the creation of the image of your thought started to manifest. This is the world of information and energy. 

Our eyes are not able to register the speed of light, so we see a solid object, whereas, really, there is an image and a gap, an image and a gap etc. Our eyes do not notice the gaps. As we are photons, so are our thoughts. The only difference between a reached goal or a manifested object (real photons) and a thought or desire (virtual photons) is the speed in which they come and go.

Virtual photons are so fast that we have not yet been able to catch them to analyse them further. That's why it takes concentration to hold an image in your mind. When we watch a movie, we see real photons (objective information) whereas when we recall the movie later we see virtual photons (subjective information). 

So, we create the thought in the Quantum Reality, and it becomes manifested into the Physical Reality. But where was the thought before it was information in the Quantum Reality? Quantum Physicists have found that every seed of manifestation begins in the Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality

Here there is no energy or time, it is unbounded with wholeness existing at every point, everything is eternal and immortal, and there is no cause or effect. It is silent and intelligent, with infinite organising power and creative potential, and it is the source of everything.

So, it is not just a coincidence that those people who are successful in their job regardless of their profession or status are people who naturally think positively, stay focused on their goals and are adept at visualisation.

It is fact, that those people, whether intentionally or not, use the vastness of Virtual Reality to pull out whatever they want to achieve, for it to be put into Quantum Reality where, if held there long enough by belief, it will then be created into our Physical Reality.

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