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Sellick Partnership filming...Well that wasn’t as bad as I thought!

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03 Oct 2014

"Well that wasn't as bad as I thought!"                   

I'm sure this is something everyone has said many times in their lives and never was it so true as last week when we were due to take part in a film for our website. I may be a confident person and succesful recruitment consultant but I dread things like this. Not only were we going to be in a totally alien environment but I had a fair amount of lines to learn, which no matter how much I read them they didn't appear to want to stay in my mind.

After torturing myself all weekend and struggling to not be "wooden” during the rehearsals, I managed to learn all but one section of my lines and felt a bit more confident about things.

The day finally arrived and my nerves weren't holding up to well. I was last to be filmed and with the lights at the studio being on all day, it was absolutely roasting - not good when you're already feeling a bit nervous! Regardless though, I had my hair and make up done and got on with things.

The film crew were brilliant, they really put me at ease and once I reminded myself for the hundredth time that this was their job and they're used to working with people like me, I started to relax and we got the job done. Granted, my memory was shocking and I forgot most of my lines and trying to act normal with bright lights in my eyes was pretty daunting, however it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I didn't love it but I wouldn't be worried about doing it again.

Which brings me to point… for people who know me, I probably appear to be a confident, unflappable person, which most of the time I am however I can be a real worrier, I just work hard to hide it! But when situations come up it makes me think, what are people avoiding doing because of being too scared or too worried? Loads of things I imagine! I'm definitely going to remind myself daily to not avoid certain situations and to be more positive if situations such as this arise. It's all a state of mind really isn't it? Often hard to overcome but actually made a lot easier with a positive mind! Also, you have to think about the benefits behind what you're doing and for Sellick Partnership, the benefit of this short film will be huge.

So go on, don't be worried about looking a bit daft or being completely out of your comfort zone because great things could happen and everything is worth doing once at least... isn't it?

What have you done lately that's taken you out of your comfort zone? How do you cope in the face of your fear? I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories...

The new Sellick Partnership films will go live on our website later this year, keep your eyes peeled...



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