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September Blues

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08 Sep 2014
As the summer is quickly drawing to a close, and we have enjoyed our last bank holiday until Christmas, thoughts are turning to September and the thoughts aren't always that positive.

The weatheris starting to get colder (although we haven't seen much sun in Manchester lately), schools are open again and although this is something that gave me September blues many years ago, now it means an increase in traffic on the roads and longer journey times.

For parents, it hails the return of manic mornings and school runs. Your summer holiday seems like a distant memory and next years holiday seems too far away to even start thinking about. The invitations to BBQ's at the weekend have stopped and so you spend less time socialising with friends and family.

It's not all bad, the colder weather means an excuse to buy a new winter coat and sit in front of a log fire, more traffic on the roads could be a good reason to walk, run or cycle to work. You can book a holiday or weekend away so that you have something else to look forward to, and you can as easily invite friends around for dinner as you can for a BBQ. A friend of mine hosts an End of Summer party every year in September and it is a great opportunity to avoid the September blues.  

But perhaps this feeling could this be related to your job. September often signals new projects, new targets, more observations from your boss as they have been on leave during the summer and if you aren't full engaged in your role this could start to fill you with dread.

September can be like a long Monday morning; everyone is a usually little tired on a Monday morning, but if you hate Monday mornings and are dreading returning to work after your holiday it may be time to look at your current role.

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