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24 Nov 2014

Stress is part of everyday life, it is something wethat we all have suffered from and dealt with quite frequently.


However Stress is seen as a negative experience andeven the thought of it can bring on an anxious feeling. This is supported bythe way in which the media portrays negative images of stress advertising thedangers of stress on an individuals health and promoting ways in which to leada stress free life.


Carry out an internet search on the word stresswhich will demonstrate this, there are even tests that can be taken on-line toaccess how stressed you are.


Of course too much stress can lead to ill health, butin fact experiencing a certain level of stress is not always a bad thing,and could be of a positive impact on your life.


Positive stress experienced in short periods of amoderate level can be motivating and increase productivity. 


The type of person that would benefit fromthis kind of stress would have a competitive and ambitious personality, thestress acts as a trigger like a rush of adrenaline leading to increased energyand can be deemed as a positive experience.


A working professional should use stressfullperiods as a challenge, Certain challenges that we face in the work environmentcan be deemed stressful however without these challenges there is the risk ofboredom which in turn will lead to lower productivity.


Stress can cause us to think differently (outsideof the box), where we can come up creative solutions to problems and accomplishtasks more efficiently.


The key is to try and change the perception ofstress and adjust to it. Stress moves us forward. The more our mind can handlethe more we can become capable of handling which can assist with personalgrowth.


When we reflect on a stressfull period that we haveencountered we can also see what we achieved from the experience.


In short we stress because we care, stress isunavoidable, the key is to recognise it and manage it and use to our advantage. 



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