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Summertime Sadness

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20 Jun 2014

So we've reached the time of year when the sun is (hopefully) shining and schools are on the brink of their summer holidays. Parents clearly want to spend time with their children during these breaks, but this can cause arguments and tension to arise in the office if a number of individuals are looking to take this time off - the work load is just as busy as ever, but with less people to cover it.

Additionally, we have the World Cup to contend with and statistics show that football fans are likelier to take annual leave or request holiday in the first few weeks of the World Cup - though after last night's results, this may not be an occurence in 2014.

With all of this time out of the office when and how do we get our work done?

In most roles like accountancy, sales or recruitment there are a set number of tasks or deadlines to hit which are expected within the same timescale, but with less hours for them to be completed. Instead of looking forward to additional days off, it can sometimes mean we have to put extra hours in during a shorter week to ensure all of our work is completed on time.

The only way around this is for managers to ensure they not allow too many people to have annual leave at the same time or that the work can be easily covered by the wider team. An alternative option is for managers to pre-empt the shortfall in staff and recruit temporary staff, usually a week or so before so if a handover or training is required. This gives them peace of mind as they then know the work will be covered correctly and efficiently.

The North East has very talented staff at all levels within finance that can assist busy finance teams, usually immediately available, with excellent systems knowledge. They can be invaluable to small teams, busy teams or at times of the year with increased volume of workload, such as year end. They also can help to ensure that moral is kept high rather than dropping if annual leave requests are rejected.

All workers are entitled to holiday allowance and, ultimately, should be allowed to take it when they want or require.

Unfortunately the fear of coming back into work with 300 or more e-mails is sometimes impossible to stop altogether, but Sellick Partnership can prevent it and alleviate any stress by providing temporary or contract staff to assist teams.

Do you live to work or work to live? If you work to live and you are unhappy with the personal scarifies you are having to make, maybe it's time to start looking for a new role? Contact me on 0191 2618585 or e-mail for a confident discussion on your current career situation.

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