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Work events - Are you self-aware?

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12 Sep 2014
Sellick Partnership celebrated our mid year success last week at our annual teambuilding event. It was an occasion full of laughter, fun and (as the name suggests) teambuilding. In a busy role and with national offices it is always a special occasion when all of our offices come together and bond.

This year we partook in three hours of rounders with a well scheduled ice cream break which provided an excellent opportunity to show our competitive side as well as our supportive nature towards our team members. Not to anyone's surprise, two of our Directors were in the final, and it was a Ray vs. Hannah showdown. This demonstrated that a good leader equates to a good result.

At work I am conscious of my personal brand, with clients and candidates, but for the first time I realised how aware I am of myself throughout the whole working  day and especially when I visit the Manchester Head Office. Are these behaviours something we consciously or unconsciously do?

At a work event often alcohol can play a part in helping to relax and celebrate, but if people relax too much it could have a negative effect on their behaviour. We are all aware of the standard of behaviour expected of us before we attend an event but after a few drinks behaviour can slip.

As professionals there were no cases of this at our event,but it is interesting to think about whose responsibility it is to control the behaviour. It could be something where a manager is expected to step in or the venue staff. The onus seems to be a grey area. I was surprised to learn that employers can deal with drunkenness or other misconduct at work events like Christmas parties through the usual disciplinary procedure. That is something I was unaware of before I researched it, thankfully this was avoided by all of our staff knowing our limit.

The other thing about alcohol present at work events is that staff who do not consume alcohol on religious grounds could feel excluded or unable to bond with their team - and this is something that event organisers need to take into consideration. The aim of our teambuilding was for us to have a shared experience and that is exactly what we had from beginning to end. It is a privilege to be able to enjoy such an event and to really have the time to get to know your colleagues in a relaxed environment. I can't wait for next year!
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