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The benefits of flexible working hours

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28 Apr 2014

At our End of Financial Year Awards, the Sellick Partnership Board of Directors announced flexible working hours, which I think is a great move, and I started considering the benefits of increased flexibility when it comes to our working days.

Flexible working hours gives employees choice over the actual times they work their contracted hours, with a defined set of 'core hours' where employees have to be completing their work. 

Some of the immediate benefits include;

  • Employees having greater freedom and helping them feel in control of their work-life balance
  • Making travelling easier (e.g. avoiding commuting during the normal rush-hour) - especially for those who may live further afield
  • Improved morale and reducing lateness
  • Reduction in the need for overtime
  • Less lost time since long lunch breaks or late arrivals are not recorded as time worked.

The advantages to businesses include being able to hold onto valuable staff, having a wider talent pool, reducing absenteeism, increasing commitment from employees and improving productivity.

The main benefit that stands out to me is that it rewards employees with a better work-life balance so that they have more time to spend with their families or undertake hobbies. Furthermore, childcare costs may also be reduced due to less time spent in the office during 'peak' childcare hours. 

From 2014 the government proposes to extend flexible working to all employees in an effort to promote economic growth through a strong and efficient labour market having undertaken a consultation exercise in 2011 and I believe that this will really make a difference.

When it comes to Sellick Partnership, I believe it will generate growth for the business and has already helped to make me feel like a more valuable member of staff.

If you're interested to working for us and would like to know about the range of benefits we can offer, please visit our careers microsite or contact our internal recruitment manager, Debbie Kaba, on 0161 8341642.

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