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The French are Coming - or Have Come

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03 Feb 2014

London is currently France's sixth biggest city, with over 400,000 French passport holders currently living in London - an amazing statistic in my opinion. There are French schools, radio stations, restaurants and cafes all over South Kensington.


Just wander through St. Pancras station and the influence of France becomes very apparent - and why not?


According to the French, London and the UK are far more open; entrepreneurial, welcoming, easy to set up a company and get a job, and less bureaucratic.


It may seem like a sweeping statement but I imagine that, in the main, the individuals that I refer to are contributing to the UK economy in some manner, not a drain on the state, and quite rightly welcomed by Great Britain as people who are looking to enhance their lives and contribute to society and the community in general.


What you don't hear are right wing politicians stoking the fires of a disproportionate immigration policy in the UK and claiming the French are a burden and should return home on the next ferry or train. Why aren't Nigel Farrage, UKIP et al talking about the invasion of the French?


In my opinion, it's hypocritical that Eastern Europeans who, like the French, are equally hard working and committed to improving their lives sustain such negative attention and hatred from our politicians and media.


Viva La France - and Poland, and Bulgaria, and any other European country that wants to contribute to the UK.


Is immigration essential to the success of British business, and should we be doing more to prevent the demonsation of particular European countries? Please leave your thoughts and experiences below.

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