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The Game of Golf

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28 Apr 2014

The Masters has recently come to a close and Bubba Watson has another Green Jacket to hang in his cupboard. Having been glued to my TV for four nights and having been so frequently wowed by 360 plus yard drives and a 2nd shot wedge into a par 5 565 yard hole, I began to think...

Golf - the game that I love with such a passion - what impact can this have in the workplace?

Having been a player myself whose handicap has ranged from single figures to the early teens, I have had many a game with any number of senior candidates and clients. Taking this back to the workplace and having worked in recruitment for over 10 years, the thing that quickly became apparent was that, for some, success at work can simply be linked to the relationships I have.

The golf course provides an environment where relationships can quickly be built.

A common love of the game, which already has so many talking points, means that you can move onto additional topics without a great amount of fuss. In the past while playing a round I have picked up any number of new roles and have closed placements with both candidates and clients in this most relaxed of environments.

Networking can take many forms - and I firmly believe that having a four hour round followed by lunch or dinner with a client or candidate can be start of a great relationship or the cementing of an existing one. Even if golf isn't your personal choice of activity, events such as the Sellick Partnership Manchester Professionals Cricket League (MPCL) provide a similar, more relaxed opportunity to network and build professional contacts.

Business doesn't always have to be done tied to a desk. In our increasingly e-mail orientated work lives, being able to take part in face to face conversations can make all the difference.

Not being as young as I was, I've finally come to terms with the fact that I'm never going to make it as a pro but my beloved game still helps me with my day job, constantly testing me both in both body and mind.

When it comes to networking, do you think it's best done away from the office - or should it be kept within traditional, professional boundaries? Leave your thoughts and experiences below.

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