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The Importance of Good Customer Service

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15 Jan 2015
I am an enormous fan of good customer service, and in turn being polite to those on the other side. In a day and age where competition in any market place is extremely fierce, be it with supermarkets, insurance providers or banks, it is the little things that can make a difference, and for me customer service is usually at the top!

Recently myself and my colleagues have been pleasantly surprised by some good experiences of customer service!

Supermarket giant Tesco's were one of the surprises - an organisation that has had some bad press of late! Having bought an item on offer from £10 down to £5 - the till then rang this through at £10.00 - frustrating! Having nearly walked out the door before noticing, I turned back and headed to the customer services desk. I was tempted to leave it given previous experiences at said customer services desks, but five pounds is five pounds! I was greeted by the Store Manager who nipped off to double check what I had said and who promptly returned with an explanation. The wrong label on the wrong shelf meant that it looked as though my item was on offer, when it wasn't. As this was their error, the Store Manager refunded me my £10.00, and also let me keep my shopping. Win.

Spotify is another organisation that has done well recently! Having thought about purchasing it for some time, I finally took the leap a month or so ago, and haven't looked back - until it completely stopped working after a month. This was incredibly frustrating, and caused several moments where I imagined throwing my mobile out the window. I finally figured out how to contact customer services (not so easy on the app), and it was most definitely the speediest, friendliest response I have ever had! My account had stopped working as somehow, three had been created instead of one, which had spangled the system and meant that nothing was working. Not only did customer services respond to me within a couple of hours via email, but they were very thorough with their information. Once the error had been identified, Spotify offered me two months premium for free. This was offered before I had to say anything at all or had mentioned anything about being dissatisfied.

At Sellick Partnership we pride ourselves on our customer service, and are constantly striving to do better. In our Legal Team, we have a dedicated candidate co-ordinator to deal with any and all queries that come through from our candidates on a day-to-day basis, which is a real benefit to both our locums and clients, as she is an expert in her field. It is so important to maintain a high level of customer service when speaking with candidates and clients alike, as this is the key to building strong and trusting relationships that set us apart from other recruiters. Being polite, helpful and interested in people isn't difficult, but it does go a long way!

What experiences of good customer service have you had? Has it effected your loyalty to a brand? Join the discussion below...
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