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Are you all going on a summer holiday?

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29 Apr 2014

Workers in the UK have one of the most generous statutory holiday entitlements - and yet I hear of so many people not taking advantage of their holidays and often being forced to use them up at the last minute.

With bank holiday season well and truly upon us, and having just returned from a holiday of a lifetime in Mexico, I thought it important to remind others (as I had to do myself) of the importance of taking breaks and of a healthy work-life balance.

Work related stress and being burnt out seems to be a recurring theme in our current climate. Lack of breaks can cause fatigue and increase absenteeism. However, holidays can help people recharge their batteries, switch off and unwind for a short period meaning that upon their return to work they are invigorated, refreshed and ready to give it their best.

Holidays also provide the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleepless nights after being in the office and switch off from work!

My advice is as follows:

1. Put your holiday requests in early so that there is no room for disappointment - and spread your holidays out across the year rather than block booking them during one period

2. Delegate work accordingly whilst you are away so you aren't left stressing whilst you are away

3. Avoid checking your emails wherever possible as it is vital that you shut down from work; if you do need to keep up to date, limit yourself to a certain time period each day.

We all deserve a break which enables us to be more productive, benefiting both our employers and our well-being.

I am sure that none of the above is going to be fresh news to you all, but I hope that it acts as a gentle reminder of the benefits of taking time off and inspires you to complete that holiday request form that has been sat on your desk and request those holidays which each of us are very much entitled too.

Next destination for me? I'm very much open to suggestions...

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