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The increase in childcare costs

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29 Jan 2014

Recently, there has been a lot of coverage in the news about the increase in costs of childcare. This, coupled with the fact that a growing number of people I know are having children, has meant that I am suddenly a little more aware of the costs of nurseries and childcare and the affects this can have on individuals trying to return to the workplace.

According to a recent article on the BBC, between December 2012 - December 2013, the cost of childcare rose by 19%! The same article also mentioned that the cost of nannies has increased by 25%, averaging from £6.59 per hour to £8.73 per hour.

With this in mind, what effect has it had on candidates returning to work after maternity leave?

We have several locums working for us at present who are in their first assignment after maternity leave or are looking to secure that next assignment after taking some time out. The main requirement that candidates tend to have when looking for a new role after a period of maternity leave is flexibility and rates of pay that can, in part, accommodate the costs of childcare.

The team that I work in specifically recruit nationwide for local authority locums positions. Locum assignments are a fantastic way to get back into work after having a period of time out of work, and the great thing about local authorities is that many are able to offer the flexibility that can assist with merging your working timetable and childcare timetable. Similarly, we are also seeing an increase in the demand for part time locums alongside full time requirements, which are attractive opportunities for those looking for a flexible role to fit around other commitments.

On the salary side, a huge benefit of locuming is that the rates of pay are extremely attractive, and often work out considerably higher than if the candidate was working on an annual salary. The flexibility and hourly rates on the market at the moment mean that the market is incredibly optimistic for those looking for a role after a career break!

If you are looking for your next role, or would like any advice on returning to work after a maternity, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0161 834 1642 or e-mail

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