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The Locum Conveyancing Market Is Back

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08 Jun 2015
Every year we see a sharp rise in demand for conveyancers over the summer months - last year this, unusually, extended until Christmas.Thismonth alone we have already been inundated with new roles and seen an increase of 18% to this month last year.

Here at Sellick Partnership we are even more prepared than ever and have been in constant contact with our locums ensuring we have all availabilities, have been encouraging clients to book their locums in as early as possible to avoid disappointment and have even upgraded our technologies to accommodate even more. 

If you are a candidate, your mind set should change through the summer months. Whilst we have additional roles and still recruit for the same amount of longer term assignments, positions over summer are usually shorter term contracts covering holiday and sickness. You should also think about travel times, an extra ten minutes on the train or in the car can make a huge difference and open up many more roles. Staying over in a B&B also does not need to be as daunting as it sounds, your rate usually is higher to accommodate for this and you are able to claim you tax back on your expenses!

If you are a client, I cannot stress enough the importance of booking your locums in as soon as possible. Last year, 26% of new clients to Sellick Partnership were drawn to us as they had been let down by other agencies. The sooner you book the candidates dates, the sooner you can stop worrying about it.

This summer looks to be as busy as ever, if you would like any advice about becoming a locum and registering with Sellick Partnership or if you have a period of cover you require a locum for, please call me on 0113 243 9775. Our team covers the whole of the UK and are on hand to assist.  
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