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The Pursuit of Happiness

26 Mar 2014

March 20th saw the UN leading the celebrations for the International Day of Happiness 2014. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's message for the day was that "happiness may have different meanings for different people. But we can all agree that it means working to end conflict, poverty and other unfortunate conditions in which so many of our fellow human beings live”.

The point of the International Day of Happiness for the UN is to highlight that whilst people have needs, it takes so much more than the basics being in place for people to be happy.

Through my role as a Resourcer, many people cite that the motivation for their job is to fund the things that they do outside work which really make them happy. From this attitude it's clear that many people think that happiness should come from areas outside of their work life. However with more people in work and working for longer hours, the International Day of Happiness should serve as a reminder to people that happiness can be pursued (if not expected) if all aspects of their lives.

It may sometimes be ambitious to be happy in your role and obviously there will be times when a job will be a source of unhappiness. Human nature means that people aren't always going to get on and eventually everyone will be delegated a task that they would rather not be doing.

The International Day of Happiness is about appreciating the small things that can improve your day. Editors from the Huffington Post used March 20th to post photos of what made them happy. The photos included everything; funny pictures that had been posted online, blue skies in London, pets, a quiet reading room to people larking around in the office.

It's not always easy to appreciate the small things that make you happy. Two months ago I started 100 Happy Days. A social media movement where you post one photo a day of something that makes you happy. It's not always easy! But hopefully the International Day of Happiness will start something similar, even if only for day, to appreciate the small things that make you happy.

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