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The Recipe for Success

11 Dec 2014
Over the Christmas period our office has never smelled better: cupcakes, flapjacks, shortbread and mince pies galore are currently available for all-day grazing as part of our Christmas competition, which allows teams to earn bonus points by baking festive goodies.

A die-hard Mary Berry lover myself, of course I contributed to the saccharine collection with some vanilla and white chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate gingerbread robins - all in the name of healthy competition, of course (rather than simply to indulge my own Christmas sweet-tooth).

As someone who is far from naturally competitive, I've enjoyed participating in this company-wide contest more than I thought I would, and it's made me think about what motivates people in their jobs. Those who work in sales have clear targets to hit and KPIs to work towards, but as a member of administrative support staff, what motivates me to do my best in the workplace is the knowledge that my colleagues are relying on me: it's all about teamwork.

We all know teamwork is important - it's so often touted as the cornerstone of good business and among the most popular skills to list on a CV or job listing - but for a team to work together well, they also need a plethora of other skills and attributes.

Communication, a common goal, passion and talent are all equally necessary ingredients in the recipe for business success when working on a group project, and with just one element lacking or unbalanced, it can all fall apart all too easily.

To make the perfect cake, we all know it's eggs, butter, flour and sugar (and a little bit of love!), but to make the perfect team, getting the balance right is just as important.

What skills do you think are the most important in business? Has the festive period made you act differently in the workplace? Let me know in the comments below!
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