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The talent and housing markets; mirror image?

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20 May 2014

The London Standard recently published an article discussing how the current candidate talent war is mirroring the housing market. Not only is this very relevant to our business at the time, it has been applicable in our specialist sectors for last decade.

To paraphrase the article, "The parallel between property and permanent placements is apparent. With too few properties coming onto the market, house prices are being forced up as buyers compete to secure that next home. As with the housing market, employers are being forced into bidding wars for talented staff in areas where there are skills shortages."

Whilst this is an interesting comparison and probably is news to many readers, in our professional services markets of finance and legal - where we are supplying highly specialised temporary and permanent staff to a range of organisations, from blue chip corporations to high street private legal practices - our clients have faced a challenge in attracting talent for their businesses for a long time now. 

Quality candidates have become increasingly rare on the professional market and this is where a specialist, highly trained recruitment organisation comes into its own; never more so than now have our services been more applicable.

If you are a good quality candidate who is looking for their next career move in your chosen specialism, I advise you to register with one of our experienced recruitment consultants.

Not only will they have a range of roles to talk to you about, they will have in-depth knowledge of your market, as well as strong relationships with the companies we are recruiting for and the ability to offer unbiased advice and insight into the ins and outs of an organisation. Moreover, they are often able to negotiate a better deal for you on your behalf. 

Alternatively, if you are an employer looking for a quality member of staff to join your team, then speak with your consultant about what you are looking for. They will question you as to what you want and then be able to offer impartial advice as to what is available to you and how you can go about getting the best person on the market for your role!

The skills our consultants employ only serve to benefit the employer, helping them to make the right offer, at the right level, and at the right time.

For more information on what Sellick Partnership can do for you either as an employer or candidate, please contact one of our team of specialised consultants on 0161 8341642. 

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