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Tiger Woods vs Dr. Dre: do celebrity endorsements really work?

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05 Mar 2015

Celebrity endorsement is a technique used by brands tocommunicate and promote their product to consumers. Famous faces, usuallysporting heroes, movie stars and singers, act as a representative for the brand andoutspread their personality and popularity to the public.

Celebrity endorsement is recognised as a popular method inmodern marketing and is one of the most widespread forms of advertising intoday's society. It is particularly common in television commercials, wherecelebrities often associated to the brand by their expertise in a particularfield, promote specific products and or services.  

Advantages of celebrityendorsements

Celebrity Endorsements UK explain how studies have provedthat celebrities endorsing a company or brand can greatly increase consumers'awareness of an advertisement, capture their attention and make the advert morememorable.

Today, celebrities dominate the news and media, featuring onthe covers of every day newspapers, magazines and television advertisementsamongst many other forms of advertising and using them in such ways givesretailers a better chance of communicating their message to consumers.

The significance from a marketing perspective is that the individual'slikeness will attract the attention of their fans and followers, influencingtheir decision to purchase products based on their familiarity with the starsimage.

L'Oreal: 'Because you're worth it' - use our shampoo to giveyou glossy locks just like Cheryl Fernandez Versini.

Gillette: 'The best a man can get' - because the legendary DavidBeckham appeals to both sexes.

Muller: 'Mullerlicious' - you can indulge in our yoghurts,maintain your figure and ooze sex appeal just like Nicole Scherzinger.

It is not only global companies that benefit from a celebrity endorsement. Nottingham based Hot Tub Company, Dan's Spaz wasapproached by recent Strictly Come Dancing contestant Sophie Ellis-Bextor whowas looking to buy a hot tub. In return for getting a good deal on her new purchase,Sophie agreed to feature on Dan's company website in a video promoting hisproducts. According to the BBC, the endorsement has helped the company see itsannual turnover go above £1m.

Disadvantages of celebrityendorsements

Contrary to their recognised success, celebrity endorsementscan carry many risks when used as a method of advertising a company product orbrand. One of the greatest fears of using celebrities is the possibility of badpublicity involving the celebrity endorser. In the event that the celebrity'simage becomes tainted, consumers are given a negative impression of not onlythe celebrity but also the product or brand they are promoting. Supermodel KateMoss was dropped by world famous brands Burberry and Chanel after a highlypublicised cocaine scandal. Undesirable behaviour portrayed by celebrities canhave a significant impact on product sales and brand awareness.

Endorsements work in both ways - the fall out over TigerWoods is legendary, with blue chip 'endorsers' dropping him left right andcentre. However get it right with the endorser and the cash will roll in morethan you can believe. See 'Beats by Dre' headphones.  

Which celebrity would you choose to promote your businessand why? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below...

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