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The virtue of simplicity

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26 Jun 2014

The last 24 months have seen a flurry of wedding-related activity in my social circle - it seems that I am finally reaching the stage where settling down is no longer the exception but rather the norm.

Alongside all of this comes the ubiquitous discussions of the complexity, stress and logistics of wedding (and hen party) planning. From listening to the discussions of the brides and grooms to be, the options and decisions appear endless for both sets of the events.

However, perhaps the most enjoyable events I have attended have had one thing in common, despite different locations, guests and types of ceremony - simplicity.

Whilst the attention to detail has been extraordinary, the organisers have avoided overly elaborate planning and focused on the basic elements of what they need to achieve for their special day to go smoothly. All else has been an added bonus to a straightforward premise done very well.

All of this is extraordinarily applicable to the workplace and HR professionals.

I firmly believe that excellence - and creating a lasting impact for your stakeholders - relies mostly upon getting the basics right. For example, for HR professionals, this translates into making sure our contracts of employment are correct, that the business has a clearly accessible set of employee policies or even just building trust through ethical behaviour. It may seem self-evident but, if these fundamentals are forgotten, it's extremely hard to make any sort of difference to the quality of working life for either the business or individual.

Complex engagement initiatives will only fail if the basics of good leadership and emotional intelligence are ignored or skimmed over. Whilst businesses need to develop their competitive advantage through innovation and differentiation, getting the basics right should not be undervalued.

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