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UKIP – why exactly are people voting for them?

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16 Jun 2014

So to say I know very little about politics would be an understatement - however I do like the occasional watch of Question Time and I happened to watch it when Nigel Farage was on recently. I agree with people when they say he comes across as an intelligent man, but I'm astounded that people would support him and his party after hearing his policies.

He states with confidence that he's just saying what everyone else is thinking, but I think that's generalising slightly...

UKIP have gained an unbelievable amount of media attention, much like the BNP a few years ago, and I imagine in their eyes they believe that 'no press is bad press.' By being catapulted into the media and into the faces of the public, they're getting votes. Someone has described them as "The BNP in suits" and they appear to have been accepted by fellow politicians.

Personally I feel that people voting for a party such as UKIP are either totally uninformed as they don't actually understand what happens in the UK and Europe, e.g. UKIP are particularly good at telling one side of the story - or people are voting for them in a form of protest against the other parties.

Either way UKIP appear to be winning.

To me, UKIP appear to have the same answer for everything "If we left the EU, and halted immigration, everything would be fine” and people are buying into this. Other policies proposed by UKIP are the reintroduce of poll tax, which would be a flat rate 31% tax for everyone. Their views on LGBT, women, and ethnic minority groups are also quite extreme. UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom has previously expressed his opinion that companies should not employ women of "child-bearing age” because of the apparent cost of maternity leave.

As I mentioned, I'm not massively into politics; what I do have to base my opinions on is what I've read and the effect it has had on people it may relate to, such as my candidates at Sellick Partnership.

One example in particular is an individual from Romania who is hard working, has amazing academics, and I suspect has paid a lot of money to the education system since she has been here. She loves living in the UK and wants to stay here - however the views of UKIP disgust her and, should they ever get into power, it would mean she would no longer be able to stay.

People work hard for their jobs no matter where they're from, so why should we discriminate based on their birthplace?

I would strongly suggest that everyone does get involved in elections before they vote; read about what each party actually stands for and what that could actually mean for us and people we know. Take note of all policies rather than just a select few that are highlighted in the media, and make your vote count.

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