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VE day: how do you celebrate success?

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07 May 2015
Friday 8th May, more commonly referred to as "Victory in Europe Day” or "VE Day, marks the 70th anniversary the Allies formally accepted Nazi-Germany's unconditional surrender and the war was officially declared over. People from all around the world celebrated, from crowds gathering outside Buckingham Palace, cheering with King George VI and Winston Churchill, to spontaneous celebrations on the streets of New York and LA. When I discovered this day I began to think about the significance of success in the workplace and how people celebrate their own achievements as well as that of others.

Winston Churchill was once quoted saying, "Success consists of going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm”. I am fortunate in my apprenticeship to work with inspiring colleagues who work incredibly hard each day for their current success.

Working in recruitment, we experience many successes, however, there are days when the obstacles to achieving our goals are endless. What is great about Sellick Partnership is that each mistake or failure is seen as an opportunity to learn and can increase our drive to work even harder.  Before joining Sellick Partnership, I researched the company and discovered since its establishment 12 years ago it has become one of the most well-respected and trusted recruitment agencies nationwide in both the legal and finance sectors. However, this success is entirely due the people who have continuously contributed to make Sellick Partnership the company that it is today. 

On Friday 24th April all employees of Sellick Partnership gathered in the Lowry Hotel for our End of Financial Year awards to celebrate the success of not only the recruitment consultants, but those in the marketing and internal accounts teams too. It was a great day as everyone was not only happy for their own achievements but also for their peers'.

This made me wonder how other companies celebrate their employee's successes and not just the company's as a whole.  In fact, 65% of people surveyed said they received no recognition for hard work or productivity in their workplace last year and in America the number one cause for staff turnover was a general feeling of being underappreciated. Additionally 41% of companies who use peer-to-peer recognition schemes have seen a marked increase in customer satisfaction. At Sellick Partnership this truly shows as each success whether small or big is congratulated. Sellick Partnership not only celebrate success at the annual awards ceremony but also gives colleagues the opportunity to nominate each other for 'stars' each month. Stars are awarded for a variety of things but are used as a chance to acknowledge our colleagues' hard work.

So back to Winston Churchill's famous words, failure is a part of success and success should be celebrated no matter how big or small. Remember to celebrate your successes and that each failure is just another way to fuel your drive for success. Additionally, let's not forget all of those who served in World War II on Friday 8th May as we celebrate the 70 years since the end of the War.

Do you feel your successes aren't celebrated enough and need a career change? Why not contact one of our expert consultants for a confidential chat on 0151224 14780 or check out our latest vacancies here.

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