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Flexible working; should workers on contracts be afforded the same rights as full time employees?

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15 Apr 2014

I have recently come across an article regarding flexible employment and, considering this is a subject that does come up quite a bit within recruitment, I thought it would be worth sharing some of the story.

According to shadow childcare minister Lucy Powell, "Mothers working part-time can be better employees because they don't waste time hungover on Facebook."

Powell called for a change in office culture so that part time workers are no longer seen as having a lower status - she says that although the common perception of part timers is that they slack off and don't work hard, those who work part-time are actually more productive as they squeeze the work of a full time job into only three or four days a week.

Powell says continues that "Part-timers and people who are on flexible working contracts often aren't given the same status in the workplace.

We need to put these issues centre stage because they are incredibly important. They are issues of fundamental inequality. We need to show companies and champion more women who successfully are able to manage a career whilst either working part-time or doing that while having children. So we can debunk the myths that we are less productive and less successful because we might work three or four days a week as opposed to working full-time. We are not sitting on Facebook or coming in with a hangover. When we are working we are on it - and making the most of every minute of every day because when you are at home with family you have got to be on it every minute as well.”

Personally, I agree and think it's a very important that people who are on flexible working contracts should be given the same treatment as permanent employers also - they work just as hard, often balancing a busy home life with their professional endeavours.

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts. Please, leave your experiences and opinions below or, if you're actively seeking a new part-time role, contact me on 0151 2241480.

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