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03 Mar 2015
By now you will have seen the story splashed across the headlines: are you seeing blue or gold?!

21 year old Catlin posted a picture of her friends dress onto Buzzfeed asking what colours everyone could see after her friends couldn't agree. This was followed by confusion across the web as some can see a blue and black laced dress whilst others were adamant is was white and gold.

After trying to persuade my colleagues at work this morning that the dress was in fact blue - and there was no question about it - we looked into the science behind it. Our eyes have evolved to see and interoperate colours in different sunlight - according to neuroscientist Jay Neitx this is one of the biggest individual differences he has ever seen.

This got me wondering about how different perspectives are shown within business and specifically within recruitment. The obvious one would be our candidates; what one business may think is irrelevant another may jump at the chance to hire.

After spending the last six months or so with Sellick Partnership, I have got to grips with our field in Accounting and Finance and matching our candidates experience to the jobs we are working. It has become prevalent that what matters to most is identifying both the needs for the client but also for the candidate. At Sellick Partnership there is a real emphasis on ensuring the position is also matching what the candidate is looking for. My main responsibility is to assess and listen to the candidates requirements; I consult on my market knowledge and present new positions to candidates who may not have considered them in the past. Having listened and spoken in depth with many candidates on a day to day basis I am able to work effectively within the busy financial market but also look at new opportunities from a different perspective to ensure we meet both client and candidate needs.

From there, perspectives differ when looking at the recruitment industry as a whole. More often than not professionals can have a negative outlook on agencies and their usefulness in the market today. Speaking with candidates who have had bad experiences with agencies can sometimes have a obscured view of how Sellick Partnership work; this is how we can differentiate ourselves from the market and ensure we are looked on by others in a positive way.

We work with people in our industry to ensure the best outcome for all parties; we pride ourselves on the respect we gain and our repeat service with over 98% of candidates recommending us.

If you are looking to gain a new perspective on your career path give Newcastle's dedicated candidate consultant Kathryn a call on 0191 261 8585.
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