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What not to do at the Christmas party….

18 Dec 2014
It's Christmas party season! That magical time of year when your career and your borderline alcoholism collide... What could possibly go wrong?

Clearly there are some obvious things that you shouldn't do at the office Christmas party. Invariably many of you will, but if you read and absorb the below, hopefully we can ensure that you still have a job to return to in January!

Whilst office parties are supposed to be fun, they are also an extension of the work place and impressions that are made on these occasions will be long remembered. In actual fact these impressions can be extremely damaging if your behaviour is particularly negative. So take heed. What seems like an amusing little funny on the night, may not be seen in that same light come the sobering Monday morning.

So here are a few simple do's and don'ts in my eyes…
  1. Don't drink too much. Alcohol as we all know reduces your inhibitions and can lead to you making inappropriate comments or behaving in a manner which you wouldn't normally consider to be acceptable. Whilst you can still let your hair down and have a good night, remember the next time you see your colleagues you'll all be stone cold sober!
  2. Don't say or do something totally inappropriate remember these people are colleagues and the old adage 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all' should always apply. We should be spreading the festive love after all!
  3. Don't engage your boss in conversation about your performance at work, it's a party: not an appraisal.
  4. And finally… always turn up to work the next morning. 'Hi its Kylie, I can't come into work today, I know you last saw me at midnight but completely coincidentally I have woken up this morning with the flu.' Even though your party may well be on a school night you are all expected to turn up the next day, sorry about that. If you can't handle that, book it as a holiday well in advance!
If you follow these few simple rules, I promise all will be well! But seriously, why not embarrass yourself in front of your friends instead of your colleagues - after all the consequences will be far less significant!

Have you got any Christmas party horror stories to share? Join the discussion below...
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