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What's next for Top Gear?

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13 May 2015
The BBC recently decided that Jeremy Clarkson has crossed the line too many times now and did not renew his contract. What is most intriguing is that  both James May and Richard Hammond, Clarkson's colleagues have also made the decision to leave the show as they too are accomplished presenters of their own shows, but there is no doubt that their obvious chemistry with Clarkson makes them a formidable trio on Top Gear. This loyalty to a colleague and friend clearly demonstrates their respect for one another, one that isn't only apparent on-screen, but off-screen too.

The mystery of who will replace them has caused speculation to run rampant in the media about what's next for the beloved motoring program. Not only this, but the show's loyal viewers are angry that the remainder of season's shows are not being aired.

Originally broadcast in 1977, the programme covered motoring related issues such as new car road tests, fuel economy, safety, the police, speeding, insurance, second-hand cars and holiday touring. All very sensible topics and representative of the BBC's culture of that era. The Top Gear team was also responsible for a number of other special programmes including coverage of the bi-annual British Motor Show, London Motorfair, and the Lombard RAC Rally.

You'd be surprised at just how many of the BBC's big names have presented the show over the years. Angela Rippon, most famous for presenting Come Dancing and BBC One's Nine O'Clock News, was one of the original presenters. Noel Edmonds took over from her and other presenters included Chris Goffey, Julia Bradbury, William Woollard and Tony Mason. Jon Bentley and Tiff Needell, of Channel 5's The Gadget Show and Fifth Gear respectively, were also part of the show.

It was in 1988 that a young journalist from Performance Car magazine, Jeremy Clarkson, was introduced. His opinionated but humorous tongue-in-cheek presenting style was an instant hit and the programme saw a massive boost in its viewing figures, as it became a more controversial and unashamedly more critical show.

So who will replace Jeremy Clarkson as the main presenter? Even BBC News has been speculating by publishing a list of possible new hosts. They include model and car enthusiast Jodie Kidd, Fifth Gear host Vicki Butler-Henderson and comedian Steve Coogan. Basically, if you're vaguely famous and have an interest in cars, the job could be yours. Top Gear's history in the UK goes back to the '70s, and the trio of Clarkson, May and Hammond started in 2003. There might be some different faces in the future, but the name is sticking around.

As a car enthusiast myself, I'm very much looking forward to the new Top Gear as I'm sure it'll be a success - it isn't a fluke that it's been going for almost forty years. However, it's a new TV show involving Clarkson, May and Hammond that I'm most looking forward to.

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