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Why being hungry could help at work.

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14 Jan 2015

If you, like thousands of others are trying to lose some weight this month, you're probably bamboozled with information on how best to do it! But have you considered how in might affect you at work?

Usually in the office, it is easy to snack without noticing and perhaps eat more than you usually would. In fact, it has been reported that eating unhealthy snacks at your desk makes you put on almost half a stone a year. Research even goes so far as to say what time we are likely to crave unhealthy snacks - watch out for 4.12pm!) However, new research has come to light recently which gives us even more reason to not snack during the day.


Research conducted by Utretcht University has looked into 'hot states' and the effect this has on decision making. Hot states including being emotional, hungry and sexually aroused and are generally thought to induce recklessness and increase impulsive behaviour. The previous thought was that people opt for short term gratification in these hot states even when they are aware of the potential consequences.

However, this new research suggests otherwise - it now seems that these hot states improve decision making when the decision is complicated. This is still early stage research but it seems that being in a hot state, and relying on gut feeling can be a good thing.

We are bombarded with research, facts and figures about eating healthily and not snacking during the day. This new research gives us even more reason to stay healthy and be good during the day - stay hungry and it could even make us better at our jobs and help us make the right business decisions!

What do you think? Has being hungry ever helped your decision making? Does this research help to motivate your healthy eating plans?

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