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Why stress over what you can't control?

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21 Feb 2014

Since starting at Sellick Partnership, I have come to learn of a new key buzzword - 'control.' But what is 'control'?

Until I took on this position, it was something I never really thought about, and yet many of us spend a substantial amount of time in our everyday lives worrying about things that are out of our control, specifically in the work place.

We can't always account for daily events, and often that leaves us feeling powerless.

In recruitment I have found that the main battle for most is predicting the unknown. So often we find ourselves forgetting to ask the right questions and thinking "If only I had...”

Control has been defined as being a form of influence, and that is where many of us struggle. Dependant on ones personality, many of us will accept defeat but feel deflated or useless at times, whereas others will persevere until they reach the end goal. In my first few months, I learnt that 'control' is often difficult to gauge and obtain, particularly over people, and in many cases I believe that luck comes into play.

What we do, what we think, and how we feel are all key factors as control, according to some research, can also be seen as a state of mind as it enables one to draw people towards you, to believe in you and gain trust. Control is important to people as it can help us in our path to success, and satisfy powerful forces within oneself.

So why stress over what you can't control? The simple answer is don't, make changes in your behaviour and/or actions and feel rewarded.

If you are looking to gain some control over your career and make a change, why not get in touch with Sellick Partnership and talk to our professional consultants who can guide you through the opportunities we have on offer, on 0161 8341642 or e-mail

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