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Why the gym is good for you…in more ways than one!

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10 Nov 2014
I go to the gym 3-4 days a week before work and not only does it keep me fit and healthy and set me up to tackle the day ahead, it's also a great place to meet like minded people and have a good natter. Some of these people have now become friends of mine, plus they've also been able to help me out on a professional level.

One friend put me in touch with the Financial Controller of the global IT Company he worked for, enabling me to make headway with a company I'd been trying to work with for some time. This enabled me to work with a totally new business which is great exposure for Sellick Partnership and a brilliant for the candidates we work with.
Another friend I met at the gym put me in touch with her internal recruiter who enabled me to work on a really interesting senior role and will hopefully lead on to more jobs in the future. Obviously there's the risk of mixing work and pleasure so by no means do I go around asking for business but sometimes it just comes up in conversation.

Also recently, I was chatting to someone who worked for a Solicitors in the City Centre. They were holding an event for HR Managers as they specialise in Employment Law. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to contact any HR Managers I knew who'd be interested in refreshing their knowledge in this area and networking at the same time, especially those who might have been between jobs. This in itself is great for those who attended but also backs up the fact that the people who work at Sellick Partnership are consultative and passionate about helping people out rather than just being all about making money.

So what I'm saying is, I love going to the gym and I love speaking to people. By being approachable and friendly, you never know what might be round the corner; whether it be a great friendship, a good laugh or a even few leads. Either way, it definitely makes each day a bit brighter.

Do you enjoy going to the gym in your free time? Has it helped you to build strong relationships in your personal or professional life? Let us know.
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