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Is this the end of the traditional CV?

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04 Jun 2014

There was a time in my early years of recruitment when I never had to send a CV due to the trusting relationships I had built with my clients; I was able to recommend my top 4 candidates and get them booked in for interview, sending the client a brief profile and outline of each individual's job roles and job titles.

I personally still try to work this way now, but clients like to see CVs before they offer interviews. Although this can be frustrating due to my faith in the candidate I'm putting forward, it's understandable - especially when the market becomes more competitive and candidate led.

I do believe CVs are an important part of the recruitment process; this document is usually earmarked as one of the most important in a job seeker's toolkit.

Head of Recruitment at European research organisation CERN, James Purvis, says: "A bit like the universe, the CV is still an atomic part of our recruitment process. There are a lot of other important particles around as well but the CV is still one of the fundamental elementary particles that I don't think we'll get rid of.

The CV is the first step in the door and, as they say, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.”

This is so true - I think CVs are so important in giving a candidate a much better chance of securing an interview.

It is interesting to consider what we would do without CVs. I think I would just revert back to my old school days of recruitment and do what we do best; selling the candidate into the client over the phone and securing them an interview that way.

What do you think; are CVs here to stay, or are other methods of securing an interviews - networking events and social media, for example - becoming more important in the job search process? Please leave your thoughts below.

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