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Wimbledon 2014

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30 Jun 2014

Wimbledon 2014 is finally here (although it would be easy to forget with the World Cup!) and there was some interesting coverage in the lead up to the competition.

Something I read with interest was that Andy Murray has become one of the first tennis players to be coached by a female; prior to the tournament, Murray announced that former champion Amelie Mauresmo would coach him through the grass court season.

Murray has received public criticism for his appointment of Mauresmo, most publicly by former British champion Virginia Wade, whilst others are celebrating his decision. According to one website, only 31% of coaches in tennis are female, and Murray will be one of the first to have a female coach in his player's box.

I was surprised to hear that this figure was so low, and also the coverage that this has received.

Mauresmo had an extremely successful career on the ladies circuit and it is perplexing to think that she is perceived to not have the right credentials to coach a male player. It would seem that aside from being the first British player to win Wimbledon since 1936, Murray is also making a difference in terms of changing attitudes within the game itself.

Whilst I am not the biggest Murray fan, I am pleased to see that he is championing women to having a more integral role in tennis. It seems like tennis is going in the right direction in terms of raising the profile for females, for instance with prize money now being equal for both men and women.

Let's see how the next two weeks go for him!

I am sure that win or lose there will be further coverage and further analysis on Mauresmo, and that her position as coach will be a hot topic throughout the tournament.

At Sellick Partnership, we are extremely proud of the amount of female employees we have. Our Board of Directors is currently comprised of 50% females and our senior management team is 67% female. The team I work in - the public sector legal recruitment team - are also an all female team.

Whilst this is unintentional, there is a lot to be said for an all female team who are constantly pushing ourselves to beat our own targets and be the absolute best we can be!

What is the gender split within your organisation? What impact do you think has on your daily working habits, as well as the success of the wider company?

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