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Women surpass men in ICAEW exams

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26 Jun 2015
I recently came across an article that reported for the first time in ICAEW history, every top performing student was a woman. Despite recent developments of the position of women in the finance industry, I believe there is still a stigma attached towards women who wish to pursue a career and gain qualification that allow them to do this.

Both my parents have always worked ever since I can remember and I had great support from them during my education. I was never pressured into attending university as both of my parents wanted to me to just do well. I had the opportunity to go to university but at that time I was really keen to get a job and start earning money. This was my choice and I have since had a really successful career in recruitment.

I have been specialising in Finance & Accountancy recruitment now for nearly three years and since the late 90s and early 00s, the role of accountants have also appeared to be geared towards men. However, I was surprised and also pleased about the amount of women who are currently in senior/qualified accountancy roles in comparison to males. Again, this is an excellent development in the industry and demonstrates how much the market has evolved over the past few years which will hopefully lead towards the stigma towards women to finally dissipate. 

ICAEW executive director for learning and professional development Mark Protherough said: "Women are demonstrating real excellence when it comes to chartered accountancy exams. At this stage of entering the profession, it's women who are dominating the top scores and they are role models for all women thinking about taking up chartered accountancy. Our qualification is known for creating business leaders, and I hope these scores mean we see a stream of female business leaders in the future.”

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