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Your desk or mine?

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13 Feb 2015
So here it is, the big day. It's the first time you are meeting and you are understandably feeling nervous and somewhat unsure of yourself.

You've spent hours the night before choosing the perfect outfit and even longer online, searching for more information which will help you to make a good first impression.

As you approach the meeting place, your mind races with questions, matching your increasing heartbeat.

What will they be like?

What will they ask you?

What could you say to make yourself seem more interesting?

Do they do this often?

Is there anyone else?

When you arrive, they invite you to make yourself comfortable and offers you a drink. After you take a seat, they slip into a chair opposite and lean across the table ever so slightly, obviously eager to find out all about you….

"So, tell me what attracted you to apply for this job?”

No doubt this opening scenario sounds all too familiar and is a parallel that many can draw between the anticipation of a first date and of a first interview. For daters and job seekers alike, the pressure to create a good first impression can be impeded by nerves and lack of preparation. In the week leading up to Valentine's day,' the most romantic day of the year', what better time for some tips to help you 'succeed', whatever your aim…

The most obvious pointers are to make an effort to dress well and to be punctual. If you arrive late and looking dishevelled, you will appear disinterested, unprofessional (to the interviewer) and even a little overly confident. Of course, when it comes down to what really counts to go the distance, appearance comes in very low down on the list, but that first impression is the only thing that will secure you that elusive second date or interview.

Research is key for preparation, although this should be handled differently for each situation.

With dating, there is a fine line between being observant and being creepy. If you are already connected on a social media site, it could be seen as thoughtful to arrange an evening around your date's interests. However, if you present your date with a novelty stuffed giraffe because you trawled through their Facebook photos back to 2007 and noticed they went on a safari holiday, this could seem more threatening as opposed to thoughtful.  

For job seekers, it is imperative that you thoroughly do your research. You can never know too much about the company. In an age where the verb 'to Google' is now recognised by Oxford Dictionary, there is very little excuse for not being aware of basic information which is readily available online. If you fail to familiarise yourself with the history of the business and their core values as a minimum then you may as well just keep your coat on; you won't be staying!

By doing a little preparation for your interview and making the effort to make a lasting impression, the chances of you being invited back a second time, or even a long term relationship blossoming, are in your favour.

Have you ever experienced 'first date nerves' at a job interview?  What are your thoughts on moving from first date to the job becoming 'the one'? We would love to hear your ideas in the comments box below?

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