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Our Culture

Our culture attracts individuals looking for a new challenge as well as those just starting out in their career. We boast a natural sales environment which is made up of highly successful teams that we empower to make commercial decisions, and to push themselves to succeed.

Our open plan, modern offices across the country promote a sociable and collaborative atmosphere which encourages everyone to share ideas, voice their opinions and celebrate achievements.

fun and friendlyAs we have grown over the years our culture has evolved, but our values have always remained at the core of the business to ensure consistency. These values are not just words; they actually mean something to us, and they are clearly visible in our business activities.

Although there are a number of key traits that individuals require to become a high achiever in the recruitment industry, we do understand that everyone is different and, to acknowledge this, we ensure that we provide flexibility in our approach, whether that is the career path that you take, the training style that you enjoy or ensuring that you are rewarded in a way that suits you.

Recruitment is about hard work, but that hard work is rewarded – we love to celebrate success. Those individuals that really contribute to the business and perform consistently are rewarded, and that includes promotion within the business based on individual accomplishment.



At Sellick Partnership, we live by the vision of:

"Shining a light on the future of our people."

We want to make the way to success as clear as possible and are committed as a company to realising personal and professional achievements for each and every one of our people.

Those who work for us, from the directors to the newest individuals, are central to the future of Sellick Partnership so we’re committed in ensuring their potential is fully developed throughout their career with us. 


Our values differentiate us as a business, defining our priorities both internally and externally. Although Sellick Partnership has seen vast growth over the years, we continue to hold these values at the heart of our company philosophy and aspire to achieve them at every level. They guide us as we move forward, providing a fulfilling environment for all members of staff and helping us to achieve our aims at every level. At Sellick Partnership we strive to be:

  • Passionate


What do we mean?  We are enthusiastic, eager, strong, animated, energetic and spirited.


We value people who are passionate about their work and committed to providing the best possible service to candidates, clients and colleagues. We are passionate about recruitment, ensuring the process is managed in the best possible manner, supplying clients and candidates with rewarding results.

  • Respected


What do we mean?  We are admired, renowned, highly rated, esteemed and well received.

Everyone who comes across us as a business will be treated with genuine respect and we will always honour differences, learning and developing from the experience and advice of others. As market leaders, we are proud of the reputation we've built in both the finance and legal sectors.

  • Engaging


What do we mean?  We are interesting, appealing, attractive, likeable and captivating.

We are committed to engaging with our range of stakeholders, working alongside them to meet and achieve expectations. We are dedicated to both listening and advising, ensuring the best outcomes are always accomplished.


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