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The advantages of hiring through a recruitment agency

Recruiting new employees can be very time-consuming and costly for companies and organisations. Managers or HR departments may find the process complicated when trying to ensure they find candidates who are suited not only to the job role itself, but also to the culture of the business. It can be a lengthy process, which does not guarantee results. This is where a recruitment agency can help. 

Recruitment agencies can help companies streamline their hiring process from vetting candidate CVs to conducting first stage interviews. Additionally, recruiters have access to platforms where they can find suitable candidates who may not have even seen or responded to job adverts. 

Here are some key advantages for using a recruitment agency in your job search.

1. Direct access to the best talent and recruitment platforms 

Recruitment agencies have a strong network of candidates, and are always working the market. Not only do we have our own database of candidates looking for a new role, but we also have access to the best recruitment advertising platforms available such as; TotalJobs, CV Library, LinkedIn Recruiter, GaapWeb and many more.

Some candidates, especially those with niche skills, can be hard to find, and may not respond to job adverts due to them being too busy to search for roles. A great recruiter will know how to reach these candidates, and has the tools to find out if they are currently active in their job search.

2. Market knowledge and industry insight

Recruiters know exactly what is going on in the specialist market, including current key candidate trends and can advise you on alternative solutions. A specialist agency, like Sellick Partnership, will focus solely on a certain industry or area such as Legal and Financial recruitment, meaning we have excellent market knowledge and will be able to understand fully what you are looking for when it comes to your recruitment needs. This in turn means that we also have a steady flow of niche candidates, tailored to specific markets.

3. Saves you time, money and resource 

Recruiters will pre-select based on criteria of the job specification, and only shortlist the candidates who are suitable for consideration and interview, which means that it saves the employer time. At Sellick Partnership, we can conduct psychometric tests on behalf of the employer, which gives employers a better overall evaluation of a candidate and therefore secure the best fit for the role. The tests are designed to provide details on candidate’s character, strengths, weaknesses and working style. This gives employers an idea of a candidate’s future performance and helps them to make successful hiring decisions, saving money long term. We will also have access to the best platforms to post job adverts, saving employers money and ensuring we reach a higher number of candidates.

Recruiters can also help with the negotiation stage of the interview process, and will ensure the best decision is made for both the employer and candidate. This helps to make the process more efficient and streamlined. It also takes the pressure away from employers, who may not have the skills, expertise or qualified individual in-house to negotiate with candidates. We will also handle all communications with the candidates, including scheduling the interviews and providing feedback after an interview. 

Sellick Partnership specialises in recruiting for both permanent and temporary positions, which means we are the in the best position to find people to fill the role quickly and efficiently.

4.         Improve employer brand 

A recruitment agency can help give potential candidates a real insight into your business, such as benefits, company culture and an overview of what it is like to work there. If a candidate researches a company and finds reviews from past employees, Recruitment Consultants can help to reassure and clarify any points that may arise. Candidates are more likely to listen to a recruiter than the employer itself, this is because Recruitment Consultants act as an unbiased intermediary and have an objective view of the employer. Recruitment agencies can really help to champion the reputation of the employer, and is best placed to answer candidate questions due to the knowledge they have about each company they work with.

5. Peace of mind and less risk

Sellick Partnership has a proven track record of finding the right employees for roles. Agencies can also offer a rebate period or will have a scheme in place which allows employers to replace a candidate or be eligible for a refund, which offers an extra safety net when recruiting a candidate. Companies that interview candidates selected by a recruitment agency, will have confidence that they have the relevant skills and attributes that will enable them to do the role. It provides the employer with peace of mind that they have the best person for the job who will be an asset to the hiring company.

If you would like to find out how Sellick Partnership can help your company, please visit our client resources page. Client Resources
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