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Your hiring process

Contingency recruitment

We boast a relevant and strong candidate database as a result of extensive networking and events, as well as both online and off-line advertising - providing us with a consistent stream of high-calibre legal talent. Our database is refreshed and updated frequently through regular contact with our candidates – making certain that we are aware of their current status, skills and ambitions.

Unlike many recruitment firms, we do not simply send our clients dozens of CV’s, instead we take the best practice approach and provide clients with an exclusive selection of quality professionals. Once receipt of a client vacancy is received, our specialist consultants follow up with an in-depth discussion of their specific requirement, which enables us to compile a shortlist that fulfills a client’s individual needs.

These candidates will be contacted immediately to ascertain their availability and interest, as well as their permission for their CV to be submitted. A dedicated consultant will be responsible for moving the position forward and co-ordinating the interview and shortlisting programme.

Executive search

Sellick Partnership provides an exclusive search process for senior or executive posts where it may be difficult to reach candidates through advertising, or when individuals are not actively seeking a new role.

This process involves a number of key stages including:

• Client briefing
• A recruitment schedule
• Research
• Candidate identification
• Initial approaches
• Interviewing
• Offer/negotiation

Our combination of research, our vast candidate database, our strong online presence and leveraging social media platforms such as LinkedIn in addition to a far-reaching network of contacts, helps us identify suitable individuals that fulfil the individual needs of your role.

Counter offers – what should you do?

With the market picking up, and the competition for talent on the increase, counter offers can be difficult to avoid. We know that employers are fighting hard to keep talent which means you need to be best placed to handle a counter offer situation. As they become more common, it is important for managers to be prepared to handle negotiations and any counter offer situation that may arise.

If you are faced with a member of staff that has verbally agreed to join your company but has since received a counter offer from their current employers, how should you handle this?

Be calm in your negotiations

Remain emotionally neutral and simply remind them why they wanted to join your business. Placing further pressure on the candidate could cause additional stress

Consider offering them a counter proposal

If this is the most suitable candidate for the role, a counter proposal may prove it, but avoid entering a back and forth situation with their current employers by continuously changing your offer


It’s vital that as a new employer, you take the time to follow up with the individual once the job has been offered. Ask them how events such as giving in their notice and final handover went, and to be available for them to ask you questions

Be amicable

If the candidate accepts a counter offer, remain level headed in your response – if your candidate has a bad experience throughout the process, your company reputation could be damaged through word of mouth

Learn for next time

Reflect on the actions you have taken throughout the recruitment process; was there anything you could have done differently to encourage the candidate to refuse that counter offer?Any counter offer situation should be dealt with care in order to achieve the best outcome for both yourself and the individual in question to ensure that you retain your professionalism and reputation throughout.

Candidate registration and screening

Sellick Partnership prides itself on our strict internal quality system in order to ensure the effective registration and screening of any candidates. Recruitment processes are open and transparent in order to provide clients with the highest quality candidates.

Prior to any interviews taking place, candidates are required to go through a process that covers the following actions:

• Confirmation of personal details
• Verification of legal eligibility to work within the United Kingdom
• Any work permits for temporary workers checked for legitimacy and copies retained on the candidate’s file
• Clarification of all relevant qualifications with their issuing bodies
• Assessment of the candidate’s abilities, strengths and achievements
• Collation of verbal and written references
• Establishment of the candidate’s requirements – the type of role and organisation they are looking for, salary, rate and location
• Photographic ID requested and copies retained on the candidate’s file.

We understand how important it is to match clients on both skills as well as personality, and take company culture into consideration on every occasion.

Identification of suitable candidates

Once the nature and criteria of your role has been established, a thorough and comprehensive search of our candidate database will take place to ensure only relevant candidates are presented for the position.

Our database is constantly being updated and refreshed as candidates commence and complete their assignments. Additionally, our consultants have frequent contact with each candidate to ensure their information is fully up to date and correct.

Once suitable candidates have been identified, they will be submitted for the relevant position.

We invest significantly in advertising and candidate attraction, as well as benefiting from receiving an impressive amount of recommendations and referrals from both candidates and clients alike. Online marketing, including social media, online PR, a variety of recognised job sites, web-based advertising and our Sellick Partnership website, means we are leading the way in sourcing the very best talent in the market.

How to sell yourself as an employer

As the job market becomes increasingly candidate lead, companies must become more focused on how they represent themselves – your employer brand is key to attracting the best talent.

If you’re looking to attract and acquire the highest quality candidates, there are some simple steps you can take as a business to begin the recruitment process on the right foot:

Ensure your branding is consistent

From your job advertisement to the way you format confirmation e-mails, have a clear image of how you want your company to be portrayed and apply it throughout the recruitment process

Start as you mean to go on

The recruitment process begins from the moment the position becomes available to after the probationary period; start with a clear idea of what you want as chopping and changing your requirements will have a negative effect on both the quality of candidates you receive and your reputation as a company

Recognise the part a recruitment agency can play

If you don’t have the time to fully commit to recruitment, bringing a recruitment specialist on board can really lift the stress away. They will be able to carry out tasks such as screening candidate CVs and setting up interview times – but ensure you only work with a company that recognises the importance of your brand and reputation

Be prepared for interviews

Take some time out to look at candidate CVs and have an understanding of each individual’s experience; they will respond more positively if they’re not just repeating the information and feel that the interviewer is interested in the process. 


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