Supporting our candidates

Candidate support

We are passionate about ensuring candidates have fair access to our recruitment processes. We aim to achieve this by removing barriers, targeting underrepresented groups, and working with candidates to support them through the recruitment process. 

Action we take to ensure all candidates have access to a fair and inclusive recruitment process:

Clear advertisements

Our consultants post clear job advertisements, focusing on the outcomes and skills required rather than the 'type of person' required.

Application process

We ensure that our application process is not restrictive, and enables candidates to apply in a range of ways, in line with their needs. 

Offering advice

We offer extensive training and market advice to candidates on job application, CV submission and interviews to ensure a fully transparent process.

Detailed information

We provide detailed information on the role, location, remuneration and organisation to ensure candidates are able to make informed decisions and submit their strongest application.

Interview sensitivity

We strive to arrange all interviews sensitively with both candidates and clients in mind ensuring these are planned around family commitments/cultural norms.​

Fair assessments

Ensure assessments are fair (e.g. allowing dyslexic candidates more time to complete testing) and providing materials in a range of formats to make them as accessible as possible.​

Meet our D&I Champions

Diversity & Inclusion are essential elements of any corporate culture and, in order to ensure this is always at the top of our agenda, we have appointed a team of Diversity Champions who are all passionate about creating an environment accessible to everyone.

Meet our Diversity Champions
Diversity & Inclusion - Chelsey Saxon
Diversity Champions - Laura Davies
Diversity Champions - Adam Burgess
Diversity Champions - Ebony Simpson
Diversity Champions - John Thistlethwaite
Diversity Champions - Chloë Cameron

Our Awards & Accreditations

Hard work and dedication are standard at Sellick Partnership, but it’s fantastic when others recognise it too. Here’s a selection of awards and accreditations that celebrate our service, our processes, and our ongoing commitment to excellence.

All our awards & accreditations

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Diversity & Inclusion statement

D&I statement

Sellick Partnership is committed to supporting equal opportunities and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination. Our policy covers vacancy advertising, recruitment and selection, training, promotion and conditions of service and is compliant. 

View our D&I statement
D&I commitments

D&I Commitments

As a recruitment specialist, we are passionate about inclusivity throughout the recruitment process, ensuring that individuality is respected and embraced, and work proactively to engage with clients and candidates from all backgrounds.

Our D&I commitments
Diversity Champions

Diversity Champions

Diversity and inclusion are essential elements of any business and, in order to ensure this is always at the top of our agenda, we have appointed a team of Diversity Champions who are passionate about creating an environment accessible to everyone.

Meet our Diversity Champions


We are committed to providing a website that is accessible to as many people as possible, and have partnered with Recite Me to offer our users a toolbar, ensuring an inclusive online experience which enables all of our website visitors to access our content and services.

Our approach to accessibility
Supporting our clients

Supporting clients

Our recruitment and attraction methods and processes are continually evolving to ensure we offer an inclusive service and access to diverse talent pools. We are always open to new partnerships, continually seek up-to-date guidance, and work to challenge the status quo.

Supporting our clients
D&I facts, figures & actions

Facts, figures & actions

We continually assess our services to ensure we consider all nine protected characteristics. Our Diversity Champions undertake various improvement initiatives, documented in our Diversity Charter. Find out more about action taken and improvements made to date. 

D&I facts, figures & actions

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