Gender Pay Gap Report

Sellick Partnership Limited is an employment business and therefore along with our own employees we also have agency workers on our payroll who are included in our statutory reporting requirement. 

Pay difference between men and women:

Sellick Partnership Employees & Agency Workers

This gender pay analysis is required as part of our statutory reporting. As a recruitment business a significant proportion of this population relates to agency workers who are engaged at our client sites. We do not have complete control over these rates of pay as these are determined by our clients. We do however endeavour to put forward a fair representation of male and female workers for each role. This is something we continually strive to improve across all sectors and all levels of role.

For our own employees the Board of Directors at Sellick Partnership take the gender pay gap seriously and continuously look to align rates of pay throughout the business. This begins at the recruitment stage, throughout promotions and up to company Board level. We ensure to look at all causes of the gender pay gap and attempt to mitigate these wherever possible through open and transparent salary reviews.

Comparison with previous year

During the year our mean and median gender pay gaps reduced by 7% and 13.7% respectively.


For and on behalf of the Board of Directors of Sellick Partnership Limited we confirm that this Gender Pay Gap Report is accurate.

Michael Hoyle
Finance Director
October 2021

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