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Diversity & Inclusion are essential elements of any corporate culture and, in order to ensure this is always at the top of our agenda, we have appointed Diversity Champions who are all passionate about creating an environment accessible to everyone.

Our Diversity Champions, supported by our Board of Directors and Senior Management Team, are responsible for implementing an equality and diversity strategy and instilling a diverse and accepting workplace culture across our business, ensuring our people, our clients and our candidates feel welcome, safe and valued.

We asked each of our Diversity Champions to provide us with a quote about what Diversity means to them and why they decided to join the committee. The responses that we received are outlined below.

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Ray Wareing

"Cultivating an inclusive environment has always been a priority for the Board of Directors here at Sellick Partnership. Our commitment to diversity doesn’t just end with our internal culture and employees. We work closely with our clients to ensure diversity is at the forefront of our recruitment approach. Our Diversity Champions are empowered by myself and the Board to make changes, improvements and suggestions on ways that we can improve and be more inclusive."

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Diversity Champions - Chelsey Saxon

Chelsey Saxon

"Having grown up in Bermuda and living abroad where I have experienced different cultures, I understood the importance of diversity from a young age. Recruiting to public sector clients in the legal field, it has been recognised as an inclusive and diverse sector. As the Diversity & Inclusion lead on the committee, my aim is to ensure we are setting an example to our clients and candidates about inclusivity and diversity in the workplace and as an organisation internally to lead within the recruitment industry."

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Diversity Champions - Laura Davies

Laura Davies

"I personally joined the committee as a part-time working mum with a view to ensuring that we tap into this wealth of talent and work as flexibly as we can. Working on tenders within the public sector, it has become clear that there is a real shift towards more inclusive culture within the sector. It's a top priority for our clients and ourselves, and we are continually reviewing our processes and approach to ensure we remain an inclusive recruitment partner."

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Diversity Champions - Chloë Cameron

Chloë Cameron

"Having grown up in Spain and spent 14 years at an international school, I was exposed to a multi-cultural way of life. I am proud to be part of the Diversity Champions committee here at Sellick Partnership because, despite already having a huge focus on Diversity & Inclusion, we want to push this further. I believe that to promote diversity and inclusion we need to not only set an example ourselves, but be proactive in educating others.”

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Diversity Champions - John Thistlethwaite

John Thistlethwaite

"Having grown up playing sport, specifically cricket, I spent a lot of time with people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds from a young age and really embraced the importance of diversity and what that can bring to teams, not only on the field but also in the workplace. It is important for me to work for a business that embraces diversity and inclusivity, one that sets an example to clients. I have strong family ties and relationships with individuals that live with disabilities, come from minority backgrounds and who are going through gender transitioning, so it's vital that I see everyone is treated equally, has the same opportunities and can live life without the fear that who they are might hold them back or cause prejudice."

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Diversity Champions - Ebony Simpson

Ebony Simpson

"As a dual heritage woman growing up in a multicultural part of Derby, I believed that I faced little to no racism throughout my childhood. I thought that I 'didn’t see colour' and that my gender had never contributed to any setbacks. Fast forward to university, and I began to unpack the wrongdoings and barriers that I began to face due to these characteristics that could’ve stunted my career progression. I believe that by becoming part of the Diversity Champions at Sellick Partnership, I can encourage the sectors of the Housing & Property Services industry to achieve more equal and inclusive practises within their workplaces, and contribute to positivity regarding these protected sectors amongst my peers."

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Diversity Champions - Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

"I joined the committee to share my enthusiasm in ensuring that people from all walks of life are given equal opportunities, without facing discrimination. I’ve been a passionate advocate for people living with disabilities for many years and know the impact that being part of a workforce can have. I've also worked on projects that have supported the Black Lives Matter movement as well as other underrepresented communities, including LGBTQ+. As part of the Marketing team at Sellick Partnership, with a strong focus on content, PR and social, I am keen to highlight the work that we do as well as assist in helping our staff, clients and candidates."

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Diversity Champions - Chrissie Howard

Chrissie Howard

"One of the many reasons I joined Sellick Partnership was the emphasis they put on mental health and wellbeing. Having previously worked within a mental health service, I have first-hand experience of how people have been unfairly treated and the impact it can have on their wellbeing. Awareness and understanding of mental health is important to ensure that individuals feel included and are seen as equal within the working environment. I want to continue to have an active role in promoting inclusion and celebrating diversity with candidates, colleagues and clients which is why I chose to be part of the D&I committee."

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Diversity Champions - Adam Burgess

Adam Burgess

"As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I joined the Diversity Champions to ensure that the organisation drives diversity and inclusion, not only in this particular group, but other underrepresented groups too. I have a real passion for diversity having faced discrimination in the past in both employment and personal life. There is no place for discrimination or bias of any kind in today's world, but unfortunately, this is still a real issue whether done consciously or unconsciously. As a consultant, I strive to support and educate colleagues, candidates and clients to ensure equality across all diverse groups."

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Diversity Champions - Hayley Cox

Hayley Cox

"I joined the Diversity Champions at Sellick Partnership as a part-time working mum of two, who champions women in business and has a genuine belief in working mums being able to work as hard and smart as a full time employee. I have recently joined the NHS I&D Forum and use my Ambassador status to align with my clients and collaboratively bring the  best, most diverse people to their vacancies. I genuinely love being a part of this very current and evolving narrative and am fully committed to driving it forward."

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Diversity Champions - Charlotte Broomfield

Charlotte Broomfield

"The diversity and inclusion initiatives were one of the driving forces behind me joining Sellick Partnership. Their continuous positive dedication to encourage and value diversity and inclusion, not only with their own staff, but that of their clients and candidates, spoke volumes to me. As well as having experience struggling with my own mental health issues, my mum is partially disabled, this means I know first-hand how much an inclusive environment can powerfully impact an individual’s wellbeing. I joined the Diversity Champions committee to ensure that everyone is treated equally, with the same opportunities."  

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Hard work and dedication are standard at Sellick Partnership, but it’s fantastic when others recognise it too. Here’s a selection of awards and accreditations that celebrate our service, our processes, and our ongoing commitment to excellence.

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Diversity & Inclusion statement

D&I statement

Sellick Partnership is committed to supporting equal opportunities and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination. Our policy covers vacancy advertising, recruitment and selection, training, promotion and conditions of service and is compliant. 

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D&I commitments

D&I Commitments

As a recruitment specialist, we are passionate about inclusivity throughout the recruitment process, ensuring that individuality is respected and embraced, and work proactively to engage with clients and candidates from all backgrounds.

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We are committed to providing a website that is accessible to as many people as possible, and have partnered with Recite Me to offer our users a toolbar, ensuring an inclusive online experience which enables all of our website visitors to access our content and services.

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Supporting our clients

Supporting clients

Our recruitment and attraction methods and processes are continually evolving to ensure we offer an inclusive service and access to diverse talent pools. We are always open to new partnerships, continually seek up-to-date guidance, and work to challenge the status quo.

Supporting our clients
Supporting our candidates

Supporting candidates

We are passionate about ensuring candidates have fair access to our recruitment processes. We aim to achieve this by removing barriers, targeting underrepresented groups, and working with candidates to support them through the recruitment process.

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D&I facts, figures & actions

Facts, figures & actions

We continually assess our services to ensure we consider all nine protected characteristics. Our Diversity Champions undertake various improvement initiatives, documented in our Diversity Charter. Find out more about action taken and improvements made to date. 

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