Candidate Commitments

Our commitments to our candidates

Our candidates are at the heart of our approach, and we aim to work in partnership with you deliver a high quality recruitment service tailored to your needs, requirements and expectations. 


The service candidates can expect

This probably needs a little bit of an introductory paragraph to make it work. 

Our experienced specialist Consultants are on hand to support you with your career development, providing expert guidance on the available career pathways, available opportunities, and the key skills and experiences that hiring managers are looking for.

We will work with you to ensure that your CV is a positive reflection of your skills and experiences, follows industry best practice, and is attractive and easy to read. When representing you for a vacancy we will tailor your CV to the role, highlighting relevant skills and experiences for the position. 

During your job search we will provide you with interview training, guidance and coaching for each opportunity, to ensure you stand the strongest chance of success. We will also work with you to understand your historical interview performance and improve your approach.

Many of our vacancies are exclusive to Sellick Partnership, and working with our specialist Consultants gives you access to opportunities on the market that aren’t available anywhere else. 

We are committed to providing you with detailed information about each vacancy. Our specialist Consultants ensure they capture key information about every opportunity so that you can make an informed decision on which opportunities to consider and how they align with your career aspirations.

We aim to be honest and open in our communication with you, and will ensure that every candidate is informed and aware of the progress with your applications and job search as well as any feedback and outcomes received. 

Our Consultants work with hiring managers to understand anticipated timescales for each vacancy and will ensure you are kept up to date with job progress, estimated timeframes for each stage of the process, and target start dates.

We commit to obtaining feedback from the hiring manager every single application and interview that you attend, and share this feedback with you to support your job search and improve your performance with each application. 

Testimonials from our candidates

Inclusion at Sellick Partnership

Sellick Partnership is committed to improving inclusion within the recruitment process and proactively tackling the inequalities that are built into the recruitment agency approach in particular.

We work with you to ensure your recruitment experience meets your unique needs, and we encourage all candidates to discuss their requirements with their Consultant to ensure the recruitment process is adjusted to suit their needs to improve inclusion and diversity for our clients. 

Clear adverts shared widely

We are committed to engaging with the widest audience for each and every vacancy. We aim for our adverts to be clear, with enough information to engage applicants, whilst striking the balance between overwhelming criteria. We utilise a gender de-coder to ensure advert language is neutral, and we have a clear commitment within our advert disclaimer to inclusive recruitment practices. 

Focus on essential criteria

When taking a vacancy brief from a client, our focus is on the essential criteria for the vacancy, this ensures we can engage a wide applicant pool, and limit the unconscious bias and structural barriers that can be present in extensive job briefs.

Specialist advice and support

Our team of Diversity Champions are on hand to support our Consultants to ensure our approach is inclusive, whilst also offering equity to individual candidates on a case by case basis, unique to that individuals needs. 

Adjustments within the interview process

We will work with you to understand how you best perform and what adjustments will support you both during the application and interview process, and upon commencement of a role. We work with hiring managers to ensure that interviews are arranged sensitively around norms and practices, and that and assessments are fair and in line with the vacancy. 

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Register with us

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Candidate resources

Candidate resources

Whether you're looking for tips to help you write your CV, want to learn more about showcasing your LinkedIn profile, or need advice to manage a healthier work-life balance, we have everything in one place. Take a look at all of our candidate resources, or give us a call.

Candidate resources
Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

We value the unique differences of our colleagues, candidates and clients and we are really proud to have achieved, and committed ourselves to, a number of awards and accreditations that acknowledge our service, internal processes and commitment.

Diversity & Inclusion

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