Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

A vision offers a sense of direction, provides inspiration to keep moving forward and guides us as a business on a daily basis. Our vision is:

Shining a light on the future of our people.

Our business is built on developing and maintaining solid and trusting relationships, both internally and externally – these relationships are key to our success.

Our vision focuses on ensuring that our people listen closely to their clients and candidates, aligning their aspirations, motivations and achievements with the right opportunities. We don't just fill jobs - we place people. 

Sellick Partnership vision statement

Our Mission

Our mission provides us with a strategic objective by which we measure our success on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. It comprises of the three key objectives outlined below. 

We are purpose-driven – being the best, all the time.
We truly want to be the best recruitment business in the UK. For us this means consistency; building a reputation that stands out amongst our peers for its compassionate service and its integrity in all that we do. 

We are performance-driven – pushing the boundaries, every time.
We demand that every member of our team deliver the highest standards every day. We are not afraid to push the boundaries, to test performance or ask for more from our employees to ensure top performance at all levels across the business. 

We are principle-led – making a difference, time after time.
We are a values-led organisation and are committed to the most ethical standards of practice. We promote an open and honest approach in all of our conversations with all of our stakeholders to allow transparency across all communication channels.

Sellick Partnership mission statement

Our Values

Our values are integral to our business activities and they are embedded in everything we do.

Over the years, they have developed and adapted to the changing face of recruitment in order to best represent the people who work for Sellick Partnership.

These are not just words – our values really mean something to us. These are the values that differentiate us from our competitors, define our business priorities internally and externally, and guide us forward through growth, ensuring we can provide a fulfilling environment for our people.

Passionate - we value people who are passionate about their job and committed to providing the best possible service to candidates, clients and colleagues. We are passionate about recruitment, ensuring the process is managed in the best possible manner, supplying clients and candidates with rewarding results.

Engaging - we are committed to engaging with our range of stakeholders, working alongside them to meet and achieve expectations. We are dedicated to both listening and advising, ensuring the best outcomes are always accomplished.

Respected - everyone who comes across us as a business will be treated with genuine respect and we will always honour differences, learning and developing from the experience and advice of others. As market-leaders, we are proud of the reputation we have built in the recruitment sector.

Sellick Partnership values - Passionate | Engaging | Respected

Our Awards & Accreditations

Hard work and dedication are standard at Sellick Partnership, but it’s fantastic when others recognise it too. Here’s a selection of awards and accreditations that celebrate our service, our processes, and our ongoing commitment to excellence.

All our awards & accreditations

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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

We value the unique differences of our colleagues, candidates and clients and we are really proud to have achieved, and committed ourselves to, a number of awards and accreditations that acknowledge our service, internal processes and commitment.

Diversity & Inclusion
Our recruitment approach

Our recruitment approach

Finding the right candidate often demands a multi-channelled approach to sourcing. We invest significantly in developing our brand and building our reputation in the marketplace to ensure that we attract the very best candidates.

Our recruitment approach
Why work with Sellick Partnership?

Why partner with us?

Our Consultants specialise in profession, geographical area and sector, providing clients and candidates with knowledge and experience relating to their individual segments of the job market - ensuring that they can fully assess candidates’ suitability for each vacancy.

Why work with Sellick Partnership?

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