About Samsic Group

Sellick Partnership and Samsic Group

In 2019 Sellick Partnership became part of the Samsic Group – one of Europe’s largest soft service providers – after they took a majority stake in our business. Samsic were attracted to our culture, our ability to recruit and retain great talent and the similarities between our vision and values making our two businesses a perfect match.

Samsic Group is one of the market leaders in the provision of integrated services to companies across the world. Founded in 1986, Samsic Group has an annual turnover of €3.45bn. It operates in 27 countries worldwide, employs 117,000 people and offers services to more than 30,000 customers.

Samsic is a resourceful company with a culture that combines high standards, openness and entrepreneurial spirit

Samsic Facility

Samsic Facility delivers a range of facilities management support services such as cleaning, landscaping, security, technical services and logistics. 

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Samsic RH

Samsic RH delivers a range of recruitment services such as temporary and permanent recruitment solutions, training, consultancy and coaching. 

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Samsic Airport

Samsic Airport delivers day-to-day services to airports and airlines such as airport security, airport assistance, PRM assistance, and passenger and crew transport.

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In addition to above, Samsic is constantly evolving and creating new services to support their customers’ needs. Through their approach to international development, Samsic have developed tailor-made solutions dedicated to business sectors such as airports, healthcare facilities, nuclear power plants, construction sites, transport and logistics.