Diversity & Inclusion statement

Diversity & Inclusion

Sellick Partnership is an APSCo Member Committed to Diversity, which means we have successfully demonstrated our commitment to encouraging diversity in recruitment. APSCo’s Diversity Commitment is a public promise by its members to take measurable steps to improve diversity within their organisation and within the recruitment industry.

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Policy Statement 
Sellick Partnership is committed to supporting the principle of equal opportunities, and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of any Protected Characteristic (PC) including sex; race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin); religion or belief; age; disability; marital status and civil partnership; sexual orientation; gender reassignment; pregnancy and maternity.

This policy covers vacancy advertising, recruitment and selection, training, promotion and conditions of service and is compliant with the following legislation:

  • The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
  • The Local Government Act 1988 and 1999
  • Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Act (SENDA) 2001
  • Racial & Religious Hatred Act 2006
  • The Work & Families Act 2006
  • Equality Act 2010

Our D&I aim

The Company's aim is to create an environment that encourages and values diversity within its workforce and builds on the differences individuals bring, enabling the Company’s continued success.  We aim to draw upon the widest possible range of views and experiences in order to meet the changing needs of our staff, clients, partners, candidates, contractors and temporary workers.

We seek to promote diversity and to respond to the needs of all individuals in a fair and equitable manner, whilst observing our commitment and responsibility to current legislation.

To achieve this, we will:

EDI statement - social responsibility

Social responsibility

Fulfil our social responsibility towards our employees, candidates, contractors, temporary workers and the communities in which we operate.

EDI statement - legal obligations

Legal obligations

Recognise all of our legal obligations with particular reference to those acts and directives detailed previously.

EDI statement - accessible opportunities

Accessible opportunities

Make all opportunities (advertising, interview/selection processes, promotion, training) as accessible as possible to under-represented groups.

EDI statement - fairness monitoring

Conduct monitoring

Conduct monitoring and to ensure processes are fair, equitable and accessible and to identify any significant under-representation. 

EDI statement - representative workforce

Representative workforce

Endeavour to attain a workforce that is representative of the communities from which it is drawn to secure the widest possible pool of talent.

EDI statement - talented and resourceful employees

Talented employees

Recruit, train and promote the best person for the job and to make full use of the talents and resources of all our employees.

EDI statement - inclusive environment

Inclusive environment

Create a working environment free from unlawful discrimination, victimisation and harassment for employees, clients, partners, candidates, contract and temp workers.

EDI statement - compliant criteria

Compliant criteria

Periodically review our selection criteria and procedures to ensure that they remain compliant and maintain a system that ensures fairness.

EDI statement - distribute procedures

Distribute procedures

Distribute and publicise our full D&I Policy and procedures throughout the company to employees and to clients, partners, visitors, candidates, contract and temp workers.

EDI statement - provide support

Equal opportunities

Provide facilities and opportunities for those who have been treated inequitably within the scope of our policy to raise the matter through the appropriate grievance or complaints procedure.

EDI statement - taking action

Taking action

Log all reported instances of harassment and take action to mitigate and minimise harassment and victimisation wherever possible.

EDI statement - full understanding

Full understanding

Ensure that employees understand that breaches of this policy will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary proceedings.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Policy covers the following:

  • A detailed definition and explanation of the different types of discrimination, harassment & victimisation.
  • Occupational requirement.
  • Procedures relating to pre-Employment Health Questionnaires.
  • Procedures relating to disabled persons, age discrimination, gender reassignment and part time workers.
  • Procedures relating to harassment.
  • Monitoring & positive action.
  • Maintenance of personnel records.
  • How to make a complaint relating to discrimination or harassment.


Monitoring and Review

Our policy will be reviewed regularly and may be altered from time to time in light of legislative changes or other prevailing circumstances

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