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Online branding for professionals

by Sellick Partnership | 21 January 2016

To mark the launch of Sellick Partnership's new 'selfie-themed' website (www.sellickpartnership.co.uk), we thought it was about time we put the spotlight on social media etiquette for candidates.

With 74% of managers viewing candidate's social media profiles to see if they display behaviour that is unsuitable for the job (Protecting.co.uk; Jan 2015), every professional should remember that their online behaviour can directly affect their career. We spoke to employers themselves about their best tips to ensure professionals are leveraging the power of their online brand.

View or download our 'Online Branding for Professionals' Slideshare to learn why your online brand is so important, how to achieve the 'perfect' online persona and practical tips for putting your best (digital) foot forward!

Online Branding for Professionals from Sellick Partnership